What is her real name? Hermione Granger?

In sensational films based on the novel-tale of JoanRowling, one of the main characters, was played by actress Emma Watson. According to the story, her mom and dad are muggles, that is, ordinary people who do not possess magical powers, but who seem to be endowed with unbridled imagination, because they gave her daughter such an unusual, beautiful, real name - Hermione (Granger - the surname of her parents - dentists).

real name of Hermione Granger

She has a bright appearance and a "formidable" defender

Where should a girl with unusualabilities? Of course, at Hogwarts, the school of magical sciences! Along the way, as soon as the special train started off the platform 9.3 / 4, brown-eyed, with a curvy chestnut hair, Hermione met with the same wizard-wise wizards. They were called Ron Weasley and Harry Potter.

Then her smile slightly spoiled longishfront teeth. But later she easily and painlessly coped with this aesthetic drawback. She was helped not by the dentistry of her parents, but by the medicine of Madam Pomfrey (after Malfoy's spell, her teeth grew so much that they reached the chin).

All the young wizards had tame animals. Mostly an owl, but our heroine had a Crookshanks cat - this is his real name, Hermione Granger called him Hogwart, in the Russian version of the film. The girl looked after him courteously, and he loved and, like a real bodyguard, protected her, for example, from harmful and dangerous rodents (from a feisty animagus in the guise of a rat).

Outstanding qualities of Hermione

Hermione - not a passionate "zubrilka" and not"upstart" (for which she often got), she just loves and knows how to learn, she likes to read and participate in scientific research. Remember how often the knowledge of spells and magic recipes helped her best friends - Ron and Harry, in their joint adventures. In addition to erudition, she has also developed sharpness. In the story of the search for a philosophical stone, she solved the mystery of Snape, based not on knowledge, but on logic. Often, because of the dedication with which she rushes to protect her, it seems that the protagonist is not Harry, his real name is Hermione Granger.

Friends and Enemies

Its positive qualities did not remainunnoticed, the young sorceress has many friends. First, of course, the parents, whom she loves very much. Secondly, the best friends of Harry and Ron (for whom, she eventually still marries). Thirdly, Sister Ron Ginny, Nevil Dolgopups, Luna Lovegood and Victor Kram (actively courted her, was a gentleman at the ball). Her great friend, both literally and figuratively, was also the outstanding forester Hagrid and many others.

germion grainger real name

A person (or character) who occupies an activea vital position, there are always not only friends, but also enemies. Our heroine is no exception. She, like her two close friends, had a very dangerous main enemy. Lord Voldemort - that's his real name! Hermione Granger also feuded and battled fiercely with his henchmen - the devourers of death, and Draco Malfoy fought since childhood. She also did not like the cheeky journalist Rita Skeeter.

Strengths and weaknesses of the character

To the strengths of our character, in the first placeturn, it is necessary to attribute its greatest strength - intellect and the ability to think critically in a complex, problematic situation. Another exceptional quality is the heroine, she, like Harry's mother, Lily, is capable of self-sacrifice and compassion. It always helps those who are not easily reached. Finally, Hermione is very brave and always fights for what she believes in, especially if it concerns the protection of her friends, when danger threatens.

germiona grainger real name actress

Weak sides of our character is much less,than strong, but they are. Sometimes she is too quick-tempered and loses self-control (most often this happened during adolescence and during conflicts with Ron). Sometimes she finds herself in a difficult situation because she over-protects her reputation as an excellent pupil and is afraid of failures. This is because of the constant need to constantly prove to everyone that Hermione Granger is a real name for a worthy sorceress, though of a Muggle origin.

By the way, to play such a bright and multifaceted imagefor many years it was very difficult. Hermione Granger (real name of actress Emma Watson) is a great achievement, which brought the young singer a great reputation all over the world and new interesting roles.

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