What is OMG?

Evgeny Fogov
Evgeny Fogov
February 19, 2015
What is OMG?

The abbreviation OMG (OMG) is often used on the net. In this regard, many users have a question, what is omg? In fact, this abbreviation may hide many meanings. It can mean both surprise and the name of the site, as well as a computer multiplayer game. Consider the various meanings in our article.

OMG in the network

  • This abbreviation is usually used as an abbreviation "Oh, My God". Thus, users express their surprise, bewilderment or irritation. For the first time this abbreviation was used at the beginning of the two thousandth. After it, other abbreviations also began to appear, designed to simplify the language of communication between Internet users. They are often used as a replacement for smiles. These expressions are convenient when the user, registering on a new resource, detects unfamiliar and incomprehensible smiles, while such abbreviations are now understood by everyone.
  • Also, this abbreviation can mean the site of the company Yahoo !.This site is devoted to news and rumors about celebrities around the world.
  • This abbreviation is used to denote online multiplayer games. It is in these games that most gamers around the world now play.

Other abbreviations

  • May also mean a file extension.
  • The same name is the music group from Santa Fe. Its full name sounds like Old Man Gloom.
  • Finally, there is a working group called the Object Management Group. Focuses on the development and promotion of object-oriented technologies. Simply put, this company produces technology that is used in the IT industry. In addition, this company includes such groups as Hewlet packard, Sun microsystems, and Canon. For a while, Microsoft participated in this consortium.

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