What is an organ?

Ksenia Gaynulina
Ksenia Gaynulina
August 31, 2014
What is an organ?

The word "body" has several meanings that vary with the stress in the word and the context of the sentence. Consider some of them in this article.


Firstly, there is such a thing as an authority - it is a specific or abstract subject or object that is intended for governing a state. You can learn more about this meaning of the word from the article What are the authorities.

This concept is closely related to such a term as the executive branch. You can learn more about it from the article What is the executive branch.

Organ - Musical Instrument

The largest musical instrument that has the widest register of the sound produced is called the organ. The organ (accent on the second syllable) is a keyboard instrument. Of course, it can be considered a distant relative of the piano, but it differs in principle from him in that the sound of the organ is pumped in the pipes and emanates from them.

In 666, the Pope decided to make the organ the main musical instrument during the divine services.Modern organs have become more perfect. Sometimes at various concerts, singing in oratorios, in an opera electric organs are used.

What are internal organs?

Internal organs are all organs that are located in the neck, head, chest, abdominal region, in the pelvic cavity. The internal organs are divided into groups, which are characterized by certain signs and a set of functions that they perform.

Among others, the organs of the digestive, respiratory, cardiovascular, urinary, reproductive systems are distinguished. Learn more about the latest from the article What is the sexual organ.

Sense organs

The senses provide the person with the receipt and processing of primary information about the environment. The organs of sight, hearing and smell help to perceive information remotely, at a distance. But the taste organs and organs of touch - only through direct contact. Sense organs tend to compensate each other. For example, some people with very poor eyesight develop excellent hearing or touch.

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