What is the cluster size?

The space of any storage medium (hard disk or flash drive) is not a whole piece, but a system of memory cells, which are called clusters. Each of them is assigned a unique sequence number. In other words, all memory is divided into blocks.

The cluster size

Now let's see what the cluster size is. Everything is simple, it is a certain size of a single disk memory cell. With the help of modern tools you can set absolutely any value. Sets the cluster size when formatting. It can be at least five hundred and twelve bytes and above. This will depend on your goals.

Now let's figure out what this cluster size is for. This is done to properly store your information on a particular medium. It also affects the optimization of the device. It is always necessary to proceed from what the device will be used for. As mentioned earlier, the cluster size is determined during formatting of the storage device. The first to enable users to do it yourself is the Windows XP operating system.

cluster size when formatting

Before you begin this process, you must select a file system type. For removable drives, it is always better to use FAT 32. This is done so that they are perceived by any device. It is also worth keeping the standard cluster size. NTFS is more suitable for hard drives. True, in this case, your device will not be available on operating systems such as Windows 98 and the like.

After you decide on the file system, you need to set the cluster size. If you do not, the system will set the standard size, which will be equal to four kilobytes. What to consider when choosing a size? The smaller the cluster, the more data you can put on your media. For example, if the cluster volume is made large enough, a file that has a smaller volume will still occupy the entire cluster. However, in this case, the speed of reading all data from the disk will increase significantly. If you set a size that will be equal to one kilobyte, then files of similar sizes will occupy only this cell and no more. Also, it will give an advantage in cases where you remove the flash drive without using the safe mode. In such a situation, fewer clusters will be damaged. However, significantly reduce the speed of reading information.

ntfs cluster size

Therefore, you must proceed from what you will use the device for. If on one of the partitions of your hard disk you plan to keep a film library, then it can be formatted with maximum cluster sizes. This will allow the disc to process and reproduce the data recorded on it much faster. If it is a system disk, then its clusters should not exceed the standard size. Otherwise, you will lose a lot of useful space, because operating systems contain a lot of small files. In addition, this will lead to the fact that the disk will spend a large amount of time on data processing.

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