What is the mole from?

What is the mole from?

  1. she appears from the street, she can fly to leave the eggs gled in the carpet and fly away. so that this was not, buy all sorts of protection against moths. balls for example special
  2. Mole. A woolen or fur moth is a small butterfly of white and yellow color. Mass appearance of moths is observed in early May, but butterflies fly up to the middle of summer, and under favorable conditions can occur in winter. In the afternoon the mole appears rarely, usually it flies out at dusk and at night.
    Flying around the room, the mole is looking for a suitable place to lay eggs. Very often, a moth's hotbed is an old wool thing, which, abandoned unnecessarily, is placed somewhere on the closet in the corridor or on a shelf, in a corner. In such places, the moth can reproduce with impunity for years and frighten the hosts, who unsuccessfully try to exterminate it in the rooms.
    If during a mass flight of butterflies look into such secluded places, then on woolen things you can find eggs of moths. They are very small, white and openly lie on the surface of the material.
    That's why it's so important to clean up the house every spring and ruthlessly throw away all the trash. And all winter things before stacking for storage must be carefully dried and cleaned - while the eggs of moths perish.
    If the eggs are not destroyed, then about 8-12 days of them appear small larvae whitish. These are the larvae and there are terrible enemies of wool and fur. But this does not mean that the butterfly does not need to be touched: it must be destroyed by all means, and especially during its flights for laying eggs, that is, from May.
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  3. Mole appears from moths. Otherwise how?))))
    She flies!)))
  4. Maybe it flies through the window in summer
    The moth is eating woolen clothes that are not washed. That is, they dressed the jacket a few times, visually it was clean, hung in a closet, that's the kind of jacket moth that larvae will put off.
    Mole flies into the room after the larvae are laid
    I bought a spray from moths, helps, also wash woolen things
  5. I think you do not have an idle question. Food moth is large. Check the dried fruits for prevention in the oven.
    If the moth wears check the long-lasting shearing items and if you have linoleum on a woolen base look at the corners (own experience) Main prevention and spray.
  6. The mole does not appear. It already exists.
    What is the mole from? What a mole appears from

    The mole simply takes root where it is comfortable, and the owner of woolen and fur things is idle. There are dozens of chemicals from moths .. Still exist food moth. Zanesh from the store with a package of flour or apple drying, then you will not be happy. Advice: store products in sealed jars and bags. (So ​​that the enemy does not pass, otherwise it will start in everything, even in red pepper).

What is the mole from? Such places can mole

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