What does the queen of spades look like and who is this?

The Queen of Spades is a legendary character of foreign and Russian culture. Great writers write stories and tales about her, she is admired by ordinary people and, most importantly, adults and children are afraid of her. But what does the queen of spades look like and where did she come from in Russian culture? Nobody knows for sure.

Who is the queen of spades?

The Queen of Spades is a card, a character from a regular deck of playing cards. But this image carries in itself truly demonic power. Lady Pik is compared with the witch, the wife of the devil, mainly because of her black suit. They do not like her, but they fear her and worship her! Where did this character come from in the usual deck of cards, the story is silent, but it is known for sure that this card bears failures, failures and sadness.

What is the peak lady

People have long composed stories about good and evil, which featured good and evil wizards, cunning sorcerers and sorceresses, and, of course, good heroes who can defeat any evil. The Queen of Spades is the prototype of the evil sorceress, who only thinks about how to harm good people.Legends and horror stories began to be written about her, in which her habitat is the looking glass, and if she so wishes, she can call her from there. Over time, the image has acquired the mysterious legends, where no one remembers where it came from and what the peak lady looks like.

How to cause a lady rush?

For several centuries, there is a ritual to call the queen of spades. After all, if the mysterious "dark" figure exists in the looking glass, then it can be called from there. Cause it for various reasons - someone out of ordinary curiosity, someone because of black hatred (asking her to destroy a rival or an enemy). First of all, it is worth noting that the ritual itself is unsafe and compliance with all items does not guarantee 100% of the result. The ceremony is based on the faith and fantasy of its people, and as you know, thoughts are material.

Queen of spades value

Ways to call the peak of the lady a great many, but they are all based on continuous looking in the mirror in the dim room. Mystical darkness can be done with the help of 2 lit candles, located on both sides of the mirror. While looking at your image, you must constantly repeat the spell "Queen of Spades, come and answer my questions."After a certain time, you can hear a laugh, a knock or a pat, it is believed that from now on, the otherworldly spirit is with you. If you do not cover the mirror with a blanket in time, the entity can penetrate this world and do a lot of dirty tricks and even take it with you. Therefore, it is necessary to be very careful when conducting such rituals.

What does the queen of spades look like?

If you collect all the legends about the dark lady, then you can see the characteristic features for all the characters. For example: black robes. Therefore, the question of how the queen of spades looks like can be answered that she is an elderly or middle-aged woman in dark (funeral) attire, her face is evil and unfriendly, the walk is slow and smooth. Since the character does not carry any positive moments, the meeting with her promises unhappiness and grief. Due to the fact that the peak lady is very powerful and can fulfill any desire, those who want to meet her will not decrease.

The Queen of Spades as a card in the deck

Queen of Spades card

Queen of Spades - a card relating to court figures of dark suit. If you use the tarot, then the suit of spades plays out like swords and, accordingly, becomes the Lady of the Swords Queen of Spades.The value of the card depends on the purpose of divination itself, but is primarily treated as - a middle-aged woman, insidious, married. At the event level means - lies, deception, betrayal, evil intrigues from close people, the enemies are not asleep. Sometimes it can mean that a heavy streak in life is left behind and now there is nothing to be afraid of, but this is rather a rarity.

If you do decide to meet with this "special", then you should not think about what the peak lady will look like. She can appear in any guise - it depends directly on your expectations, there is no single image.

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