What is veneer? We asked - we answer!

Among the variety of types of decoration, I especially want to highlight the veneer. This is a thin layer of wood, which has a strictly defined width. It is produced by peeling, planing or sawing logs.

The production of this material has a long history. Back in ancient Egypt, the idea of ​​sawing a tree into thin sheets arose. It should be noted that such material as wood was highly valued in Egypt, because it was difficult to get it in the conditions of the surrounding desert state.What is veneer

Those who do not yet know what veneering is, shouldtalk about its production and application in more detail. An interesting fact is that it was not started where the wood resource was presented very widely, but where it was in short supply. In conditions of labor-intensive handicraft production, even in ancient times, masters could convey the natural beauty of a tree. The sheets were then cut with a transverse saw. The process was uncomplicated, but very difficult.Veneer finish

Since the days of Ancient Egypt to the ΧΙΧ century decorationveneer was also used in furnishing furniture. Real connoisseurs still hunt for the interior items in which the veneer was used. In the Middle Ages, really beautiful furniture was presented mostly in single copies and made to order for wealthy people who could appreciate its uniqueness.

ΧΙΧ century should be highlighted especially, becauseat this time the production of veneer became mechanized. To date, it has firmly entered production. But what is veneer? This is a whole art! Only having sufficient experience and skill level, it is possible to estimate the quality of untreated wood material and see the prospects for its further processing. After all, even the direction of cutting affects the wood pattern. A beautiful natural wood pattern will determine its further application - whether it is furniture production or finishing of premises.

Beautiful quality furniture with naturalthe design of a tree always organically fits into almost any interior. Furniture veneer has several varieties: natural, file-line and multi-blind. They differ in the production process at the stage of giving the necessary color and texture.Furniture veneerAnd if for a natural variant onlythe saturation of the shades, the multi-stain can have any color, and with a natural pattern of the tree it may not have anything in common. Fine-line is a veneer, on the surface of which all lines clearly distinguished are clearly visible. What is veneer? And this is the layer of noble species of wood, its texture makes any piece of furniture status and expensive.

The use of veneer in the interior decoration of rooms cancreate a special cozy atmosphere. The heat that comes from the tree is always noticeable. Beautiful natural textures help you escape from the city's fuss and be alone with your thoughts. So what is veneer? It's a piece of nature in the stone jungles of cities! The use of this material in the decoration of rooms or furniture gives real tranquility and pacification to their owner.

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