What products are expensive, but are real fake

2-12-2017, 18:13
We are often told that quality products are not cheap. And we, succumbing to the tricks of marketers, leave fabulous sums at the cash desks of stores, buying an expensive product, the manufacturer of which assures the safety of its consumption.
But in fact expensive - not always good. And sometimes even exactly the opposite. Expensive products fake more often. List of the most common counterfeit.
1. Meat steak. Manufacturers, in order to reduce their costs, adhere to the idea of ​​non-waste production. So, the meat cuts that need to be disposed of are used to make ... steaks. Slices of meat are glued with special "meat glue", giving them the desired shape. And you get a great expensive steak from industrial waste.
2. Crab sticks. Everyone knows that there is no crab meat in this product.But if earlier they included cod meat, now producers use low-quality minced fish, which can even contain pieces of fish tails and scales. There is such a product is simply dangerous.
3. Coconut milk. Real coconut milk is really very helpful. But what they sell to us under his guise is not. The composition of such milk includes soy milk, corn dextrin, flavors (partially chemical), guar gum and carrageen, which can contribute to inflammatory processes.
4. Pomegranate juice. One of the leaders in the list of fake products. Most often it is diluted with apple juice, and sometimes just with water.
5. Melted cheeses. The composition of this processed cheese should include natural fatty and low-fat cheeses, cream, sour cream, butter, cottage cheese and salt-melters. But such production is too expensive. The cheeses we buy consist of palm oil, milk protein concentrate, margarine and soy protein. From the previous recipe only salt-melters remained.
6. Rice Devzira. It has a dark red or brown color, and after washing it becomes amber.Very expensive, so it is often faked, dyeing ordinary cheap rice with brick dust (!).
7. Saffron. The cost of the spice is very high due to the complexity of its collection. But falsifying the spice is quite simple. Under the guise of saffron, turmeric, tagetes and American safflower are most often sold. Sometimes this "spice" is also diluted with brick dust or crushed bark of sandalwood.
8. Chicken nuggets. Real nuggets should be made from white poultry meat fried in batter. Of course, the fact that the buyer serves points of fast food, is very different from the norm. Perhaps, and nuggets will be about 40% white meat, but the rest is chicken meat, salt, fat and flavorings.
9. Olive oil. This product is very expensive. It is not difficult to guess that more than half of the olive oil sold in the world is fake. Most often manufacturers use a mixture of sunflower, peanut and soybean oils for fabrication. For a smell use fragrances, and for color - dyes.
10. Tuna. The price of this fish is very high, so the producers get off with "little blood", posing as a delicacy cheap varieties of fish that tint.And in canned food you can hardly distinguish a fake from the original.
11. Smoked fish. It is generally not the most healthy product, but if you prepare it according to the approved standards, it will not be dangerous. But the fish, when smoked which use liquid smoke, - yes. Bacteria and infections with such smoking do not go anywhere, causing irreparable harm to your health.

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What products are expensive, but are real fake 22

What products are expensive, but are real fake 98

What products are expensive, but are real fake 58

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