What should a woman be?

A lot has been said about the woman. She is described by poets, songs and poems are dedicated to her. But each of the men also has his own view of the woman, someone sees her favorite, for someone it becomes just an ideal. The modern world has given birth to different women, for each of which their behavior, their character, features are acceptable ... Are there any rules for what a woman should be?

About the woman and her image

If, in the image of a woman, an image of a beloved arises before us, then first of all such a woman should be loving. Every man wants to be loved, gave warmth, was gentle with him. A woman can be rich and miserable, sexy, beautiful, be able to present herself in society, but first of all she should be able to love, because otherwise she can not hope for mutual feelings. Feminists may deny this statement, but it has long been proven by life.

We know that men should be magnanimous, then women must be good. Kindness is one of the qualities without which a woman will not be a woman. This quality helps a woman to find that invisible path to the heart of a man. And if God did not reward her with beauty, then with the help of kindness she can move mountains.Woman kindness helps to forgive the mistakes that not only the man made, but also the ion itself.

Femininity. This quality should be in every woman. This quality is not described in words. And if we say that a woman will enter a “burning house” ..., then we should understand that nature and circumstances have made her so.

Wisdom and patience. This is something that is inherent in every real woman. And it's not about the diploma and the baggage of knowledge, wisdom is given at birth. A wise woman in any situation can see her depth and essence. She has a birth understanding of the laws of nature and human relations.

A woman should be a good psychologist. She must understand people, understand and evaluate their actions. Women use this ability when choosing a man who then becomes the father of their children.

The fair sex should be able to be strong and at the same time defenseless. If she shows her man that she is defenseless, then this same woman shows her confidence in him. But you should never lose heart in the woman who does not have reliable support.Get together and not show your weakness - this is the task of a real woman in a difficult situation.

Diligence and thrift. According to these traits, others judge a woman and summarize what a real woman should be. She gives labor and her care to others. The house should be in order, fed children, ready food. And despite the fact that she sometimes has a lot of work around the house, each of the women should be neat and well-groomed. Do not walk, for example, at home in a dirty robe and disheveled.

Justice is a trait that will not allow a woman to commit unworthy acts, and her man, looking at her, will not descend to mean actions.

Versatility. The ideal woman in the morning should be fresh, in the afternoon - to meet with pies, and in the evening to meet a man in expensive perfumes. Today, many women are trying to sit on the neck of their "papikam." They do not want to work, but only to live at the ready. Not worth the respect of such a woman. She must show that she can earn and survive in any situation. At the same time, the beautiful should be developed spiritually and culturally: theaters, cinemas, exhibitions. In the cultural life of a woman must understand and navigate.

Be a mystery

What should a woman be? Riddle - so should men respond to it. Each woman should not stop at what has been achieved, but live and develop, raise her culture, take care of family values.

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