What to bring from Thailand?

Every person who went to Thailand on vacationor for any other business, thinks about buying souvenirs, for oneself, friends, relatives and acquaintances. For some, it's just unthinkable to visit another country and come empty-handed. In Thailand, almost at every corner, you can find a lot of various souvenirs. All of them will seem unique, interesting and incredibly beautiful, especially the person who first visited the country. But how to determine what to bring from Thailand to friends and relatives?

Gifts from Thailand

A selected gift or a souvenir that youbring your friends, must conform to the traditions and culture of the country in which it is bought. In Thailand at an affordable price you can buy very beautiful figurines in the form of an elephant. This animal is sacred to the Thai people and symbolizes its strength, mind and endurance. The elephant possesses all these qualities. In the country you can find many souvenirs and things made from the skin of sea rays and crocodile. It can be a very high-quality and beautiful purse, wallets, women's handbags and much more. The cost of such gifts will be ten times less than in Russia, so the lucky owner of such a gift will be extremely pleased with him.

Particular attention should be paid to cosmetics,which is produced in Thailand. This is a completely unique product that includes various oils, creams, decorative cosmetics, rejuvenating masks and much more. All products are made only from natural ingredients. Find it in Russia is unlikely to work, so for every woman, Thai cosmetics will really be a valuable and original gift.

If you need a small souvenir for colleagues onwork or acquaintances, then simply a huge assortment of magnets with images of landscapes or animals will allow for a meager money to buy a gift for all of their friends and colleagues.

Thailand is a country of exotic plants and flowers, so if the person you are going to bring a gift likes flowers and plants, you will easily pick up something exotic and unusual.

What is forbidden to withdraw from Thailand

Choose a product in Thailand is very simple, becausethis people are incredibly friendly, each seller will gladly talk about all the goods that sell and help make the right choice. For Thais, tourism is very important, because it brings the main profit and deceive its customers completely unprofitable. Of course, there are exceptions, so you need to be careful. Every tourist who wants to buy a gift in Thailand, should know what can be brought from Thailand, and that it is forbidden to export.

Remove from the country the products fromivory, tortoiseshell, sea shells of large sizes, sea horses, as well as products made from their skins, especially rare species of beetles and butterflies, corals, crocodile skins, especially rare plants, fruits and some other things.

All of the above are sold for almostevery Thai market and is available to any tourist, but to export such things from the country is strictly prohibited by law, so it's better not to buy all this, then there will be no problems. If you still do not know what to bring from Thailand, then it's worth talking to someone who has already visited the country and bought gifts.

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