What if shoes smell? Causes and elimination of odor

Having brought home a brand new pair of shoes, you want not only to defile throughout the house, but also to inhale the scent of new clothes. Such a desirable pair of shoes, it smells like leather and even a little bit of glue. And this is understandable. Fresh delivery, a new collection. But what a disappointment overtakes if, having worn these shoes for a couple of weeks, you again feel the persistent scent of "novelty."

Another question is old ones, but such native sneakers, which overcame a single kilometer of morning runs, suddenly began to stink.

The unpleasant aroma very often causes complexes in a person, he is afraid to take off his shoes with strangers. A particular awkwardness arises if you need to take off your shoes in any case - on the train, in the changing room of the gym, on a visit.

Why is this happening and who is to blame?

The main reason why new shoes stink very much is the poor-quality materials from which it is made.A harsh chemical smell can emit both the upper part and the sole. And, of course, the abundance of glue, which is not spared so that you can pass in these shoes a little longer than the end of its warranty period.

Why does shoes smellThe shoes are of good quality and the brand gets rid of the unpleasant aroma a couple of days after airing. If the smell is persistent, something needs to be done urgently.

Old shoes and favorite sneakers treacherously start to stink for many reasons:

  • synthetic materials from which manufacturers like to make shoes. They prevent air exchange and create a greenhouse effect. Especially quickly this phenomenon occurs in those cases when, when going to the street, a person lost money with the weather and put on warmth more than necessary;
  • increased sweating of the feet, or hyperhidrosis of the feet;
  • constant wearing of one pair of shoes;
  • fungal disease;
  • lack of proper shoe care.

When you can not do without a doctor

It would seem that excessive sweating is perceived by many as normal. Especially in the summer and in the off-season. It’s hot, clothes and shoes are out of season, temperature drops, a lot of movement, artificial shoes are cheaper, so legs and sweat.But from the medical point of view, it's not so simple.

Fungus on legs

Hyperhidrosis (increased sweating) can be a sign of many diseases. And, first of all, it is necessary to fight not with such unpleasant symptoms as sweating and the following unpleasant odor, but with the underlying disease.

Diseases of the endocrine glands, chronic infections, dermatological problems, neurological diseases - all this can be the reason that the feet are very sweating and stink.

In these cases it is necessary to approach the problem in a comprehensive manner.

Fungal lesions of the feet cause a person not only discomfort in the form of a smell, but also itching and inflammation of the skin, especially between the fingers, which begins to crack, peel or blister.

To the fungal infection, bacterial can join. Therefore, it is first necessary to tackle the treatment of a fungal disease. This will help modern antifungal agents.

How to be friends with your shoes and what is good for her?

1.The first thing you need to do in order not to hurt your legs is to wear the right shoes.Do not be afraid to spend a lot of time in the store and seem like a meticulous buyer.Choosing sneakers, pay attention to the density of materials, especially for summer runs.

Lovers of high heels, trying on shoes, you first need to listen to the convenience. After all, this will affect not only the ease of walking, but also the health of the foot. Perhaps you need to try a lower heel, but more comfortable, especially for every day.

2."Breathable" materials.Good breath in the shoes will be through such materials as:

  • Shoe careleather
  • hemp
  • canvas
  • cotton.

3.Recreation.Even the most comfortable shoes should take a day off. Both in summer and in winter, shoes can be put on the balcony, it will be useful for her to both freeze and warm up. You can use the freezer.

4.Ventilation.It is necessary to air not only a new pair, but also an old one. This will eliminate odor and moisture.

5.Legs require care.Timely treatment of fungal infections and inflammatory lesions of the skin of the feet, as well as careful hygiene will help not only maintain healthy feet, but also save you from an early purchase. Legs need to be washed every night. Wash your feet several times a week with antiseptic soap.

6.Feet also need to indulge.No need to ignore if your feet smell bad.Today, there are so many deodorants and powders that reduce and eliminate this unpleasant phenomenon. But you always need to remember the root cause.

7.Shoes must be worn according to the season and weather.Wet shoes and soaked feet will begin to stink faster. Dry the shoes only need an electric dryer. This should be done every time the shoes get wet.

8.In winter, change your shoes at work.It will appreciate your feet and shoes.

How to help your favorite couple?

Folk tools and methods in order to relieve shoes from smell, are quite diverse and not expensive. They can be done at home.

  1. How to help your favorite pair of shoesBaking soda or flour- serve as a very good adsorbent. Poured into shoes or boots and left for the whole night, easily removed along with the smell. You can use a vacuum cleaner, especially in the case of boots.
  2. If the street is a bitter frost, shoes can be carried for the whole night on the balcony.It is possible to make such “bleeding” for spring and autumn shoes. You can also use a freezer for this. First you need to pack your sneakers in the bag. You need to freeze all night. Cold will kill the fungus and the bacteria.
  3. No need to neglect socks.Despite the fashion, the sock is never more useful when sweating. It absorbs odor and sweat. Still, socks are easier to wash than shoes. If the shoes are more open, then there are short or nylon socks. Special respect for sports running socks. Special technology keeps feet dry. Socks and pantyhose should be clean.
  4. Antifungal insoles.The insoles absorb a smell. Insoles with silver ions. Caring for the insole will make it easier to care for your shoes in general.
  5. Washing shoes.Sneakers and shoes made of cloth can be washed in a washing machine. If you cannot do this for a certain shoe, you need to wash it by hand, not only outside but also inside. This should be done at least once a week. Before you wear, you need to make sure that the shoes are completely dry.
  6. Table vinegar.For a few hours inside the shoes, you can leave the cotton wool soaked in vinegar, then ventilate well. If the smell of the agent remains, wipe it off additionally.
  7. The inside of the shoes and the fur of the bootsIt is necessary to wipe a solution of potassium permanganate or alcohol.
  8. At night, you can leave in the shoes of dry tea bags or orange peel,they will get rid of the smell and moisture.
  9. Electrosushilka with ultraviolet radiation.Not only eliminates excess moisture, but also kills bacteria. Choosing the right product and proper care will help your shoes stay with you for many years.

If the shoes start to stink, you need to pay a little more attention to it, so that it starts to delight again. But who knows, perhaps she has already served her time and hints that the time has come to pamper yourself with new clothes.

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