What to give your child for the holidays?

It would seem that everything is very simple, to buy a gift for a child. In fact, the practical side of this case turns out to be difficult. Immediately there is a mass of questions on this topic. This article will help you figure out what you can give your child about the holiday.

What should be considered when choosing a presentation?

How to choose the right gift for the child on the occasion of the holiday? Children's preferences are quite changeable and inconstant. It should be remembered that the gift should be useful, developing thinking, imagination and hidden talents. In addition, do not forget about the desires of children. So, what to give a child and what to look for when buying a gift?

What to give a child

Gifts for children are chosen according to the age of the birthday boy. A gift should cause interest and desire to play. The one year old baby will not understand what to do with the Barbie house, and the teenage girl no longer needs a soft toy or baby doll.

Choosing a gift, you must consider the sex of the child. There are universal gifts, suitable for both boys and girls.Sometimes the steady stereotype "pink - for girls, blue - for boys" does not work. That is, the child wants a toy of a different color that he likes the most.

Presents of interest

It is necessary to take into account the nature of the child. What to give a child if he is active and mobile? Note:

  • on the balls;
  • jump ropes;
  • scooters;
  • rollers.

Such things as:

  • books;
  • educational games;
  • puzzles

For those who like to tinker or engage in creativity, a great gift will be:

  • constructor;
  • a set of paints or pencils with an album;
  • accessories for needlework.

No less important are the wishes of the child. A game or a toy received as a gift should please.

What not to give?

Before we talk about what to give a child, will talk about what is undesirable to give.

Top 6 anti-gifts:

  1. Gifts are not by age. Probably, there is no need to explain in detail why this should not be done. The child will not be interested in playing with this. The gift will gather dust in the drawer or in the closet. After that, and at all go to the trash.
  2. Clothing. A child will not appreciate a warm sweater or regular jeans.The exception in this case are: girls who have been interested in clothes since five years old, and boys after 9-11, who begin to pay more attention to this issue. Children under the age of 12 prefer to receive toys as a gift and something that will entertain them.
  3. Toys that make loud sounds. Yes, children love loud noises, everything is noisy, booming, beeping or singing. However, the harsh and piercing sounds in the middle of the night can frighten not only the child, but also adults.
  4. Supergiant soft toys. That adult who wants to please a little birthday boy, you have to look at this toy and ask yourself: what will the child do with it and how will it play? Well, except that such a toy will just lie on the bed or in the corner of the room. It is impressive for just a few minutes.
  5. Cheap or very expensive gifts. Speaking of cheap, you should mean Chinese toys of dubious quality. What will be the disappointment of the child if the paint peels off the thing or it does not last long and quickly breaks. Allergic reactions to the materials from which these toys are made are not excluded. Now about expensive gifts. Children do not understand the value of money, for the simple reason that they do not need it yet. An expensive toy can become uninteresting as quickly as a cheap one.Children do not know that expensive things should be treated carefully and carefully. Having broken, scratched or broken it, the child will not understand the negative reaction of the parents. And if the donated toy is expensive, you should not scold the child for negligent treatment. It should calmly explain how to use it.
  6. Useless things for children. Like large soft toys, children are not interested in pictures on the wall, toy figurines, photo frames and the like. That is something you cannot play with. An exception may be teenagers who are passionate about drawing or collecting.

An important piece of advice is that children should donate things and toys according to the season and things that can be immediately experienced in the game, in action. If they are skates or rollers, then you should be ready to go to the rink / rollerdrom on the same day to try the thing.

It is likely that this list has more points, but they can be taken as the main ones.

Gifts for the New Year. What to choose for children of different ages?

Now tell you what you can give a child for the New Year. Children are waiting for this holiday especially. Their faith in Santa Claus and the fact that they will not remain without a welcome gift is still strong.To make a gift like this, on the eve of the New Year, parents will have to work as detectives and find out what their child wants to find under the tree. If the child already goes to school and knows how to write, you can offer him to write a letter to Grandfather Frost and ask for a gift. If it does not work out with this method or the child writes about something intangible, then you have to slowly elicit what gift he wants. There is nothing better than a picture when the children, with a sinking heart, unfold the wrapping paper and find inside exactly what they wanted most of all.

What can you give a child for the New Year? Universal gifts for children, which are equally suitable for boys and girls:

  1. Materials for creativity. This may be a set of paints and brushes, clay. Currently, children's stores sell kits for young artists and sculptors, which include not only materials, but also tools for working on their own masterpiece. Modern technologies offer interesting fascinating fun for children with kinetic sand or chewing gum for hands of various colors. Such toys develop fine motor skills in children.Smart paper sets are inexpensive and fun entertainment. A gift may consist of several such sets. Also a good option for a presentation will be a drawing board on the wall and accessories.
  2. Sports equipment or sports equipment. For active children, it can be skis, skates or a new model of a sled to replace old ones. If the living space allows, you can buy a trampoline - a gift that is useful both for the child and for furniture, on which they will no longer jump. The trampoline with the Swedish wall and ropes is already a sports complex for fidget. Such a gift is an expensive purchase, but the good health and immunity of the child are worth it.
  3. Modern children very quickly learn various gadgets. Toy manufacturers provide parents with the opportunity to present children with such things as:
  • 3D pen to create various volume items;
  • camera for children;
  • the tablet;
  • e-books for school children;
  • game console.

You can also donate board educational games for children:

  • puzzles;
  • board game "Scrabble";
  • board games based on fairy tales and popular cartoons;
  • Children's sets for experiences.

A great gift for a child will be a disc with your favorite movies / cartoons. A good presentation is a karaoke set - a disc with children's songs and a microphone.

Presents to teens. What to choose for a child?

Children 10-14 years old can make gifts with an eye to the future, that is, those that can be used in the spring and summer. If this is a welcome gift, the child will be glad to him. The list of presents gets clothes. Since teenagers pay attention to their appearance.

How to please the boy? What to give a child for the New Year? If this is a teenager, then he will fit:

  • sports suit famous brand;
  • jeans;
  • sneakers;
  • mp3 player
  • headphones;
  • a bike;
  • rollers;
  • skate;
  • children's badminton.

A welcome gift will be an electronic gadget:

  • mobile phone;
  • smart watches for children;
  • the tablet;
  • digital camera.
What to give a child a birthday

In thinking about what to give to the child, do not forget about the books. At all times, a book is a good gift for children. The love of reading should be instilled from an early age. For small birthday it can be folding books and picture books. For children of preschool age - for the development, memorization of the alphabet and learning to count. For schoolchildren - educational books about flora and fauna.Teenagers who love to read, they themselves choose which books they like best.

What to choose as a gift for the boy?

What can you give for the New Year's child? Every year, children dream of something new, unusual, and believe that miracles happen. The task of parents is to guess the child’s desire and try not to disappoint him with a gift.

What to give a child? A boy under 6 years old will suit:

  1. Water pistol, space blaster, machine gun simulating shooting sounds: boys are always happy to receive a weapon as a gift.
  2. Musical instruments.
  3. Railway with electric train.
  4. Designer for self-assembly models of cars or the construction of houses.
  5. Recruiting a policeman, builder or firefighter.
  6. Board games: football, hockey, basketball.

Gifts for boys 7-10 years. What kind of thing will do?

What to give a child for 8 years? Such things as:

  • radio-controlled toys: car or helicopter;
  • interactive toy (dinosaur or dog),
  • 3D constructor;
  • skates;
  • snowboard.

For children, the holiday atmosphere is important. Therefore, a trip out of town for a ski trip or a trip to the water park will be remembered for a long time.Be sure to take a camera with you and capture all the fun moments.

Gifts-quests are very popular. Fun for a group of children in the style of adventure:

  • spaceship;
  • pirate brigantine;
  • maze in the caves.

Quests for children have a fascinating storyline, riddles in the course of the game, at the end, at the finish, - a reward for their sharpness and dexterity. This gift will be a memorable, entertain and birthday, and his guests.

Presents for girls. What to choose for young ladies?

What to give a child for the New Year? Girls are small women who copy the behavior of their mother. From an early age they would like to have a cosmetic bag with cosmetics, hair ornaments, a pocket mirror and a handbag, like those of a mother. Children's dishes, doll houses, dolls and strollers for them - all this makes girls very happy.

What to give for the New Year girl

What to give a child? Girls under 6 years old will also do:

  • talking dolls;
  • baby stroller;
  • sets of dishes;
  • backpack with your favorite cartoon characters;
  • shop kits, teachers, doctors;
  • Kick scooter;
  • tricycle.
What can you give a child

Girls before the boys begin to show interest in clothes, to how they look.A gift that hi to the delight of a young fashionista:

  • elegant dress
  • new shoes,
  • bright hat with ears.

Gifts for girls seven to ten years. What to choose?

What to give a child for the New Year? The girl will be pleased:

What to give a child for 8 years
  • a house for a doll with furniture;
  • kits for needlework or applied arts - a hook and thread, a burning apparatus, a set for beadwork;
  • interactive toy (kitten or dog);
  • household appliances for dolls;
  • furniture and dishes for dolls;
  • a set of children's jewelry;
  • a set of children's cosmetics;
  • comb set + hair ornaments.

Gifts for young children. What to choose?

Let the child be still small, and he will not remember his first birthday. The first holiday - these are important moments in the life of the baby and his parents. What to give a child for a year? At this age, the preferences of the kids do not vary greatly by gender. The little ones, both boys and girls, are equally interested in baby dolls, toy cars and bright cubes.

These are primarily toys such as:

  • plastic constructors from volumetric objects;
  • colored cubes;
  • mosaic for kids.

Useful toys for children aged 1 year:

  • development table;
  • musical instruments for young children;
  • developmental shoes;
  • rocking toys.

Gift for a girl for a year

Were you invited to a birthday to the baby? What to give a child for a year? The girl will do the following things:

  1. The book is a collection of nursery rhymes or songs with bright pictures.
  2. Small dolls that can talk, cry and laugh.
  3. Carriages for dolls and pups.
  4. Playpen or tent.

Children's kits for the smallest creativity. It’s enough for a baby to show how to use it, and she will be carried away by such an occupation for a long time. These things include:

  • safe clay,
  • paint for painting by hand
  • weight for sculpting.
Gifts for girls

A mosaic of large puzzles will be enjoyed by a one-year-old girl. It helps to distinguish and memorize colors. Children quickly remember what adults show and try to repeat. Mosaic details are assembled with grooves and slots.

A practical gift for little birthday girls can be:

  • clothes;
  • footwear;
  • baby bedding;
  • pajamas;
  • bathing toy;
  • cosmetic for bathing and skin care.

Present to one year old boy

What to give a child for a year? It can be big cars and cars. And they should have removable and mobile large parts.Tolokars are especially popular with children - cars with seats for children. Sitting in this car, the child can push off from the floor with his feet and move around the room. There are large buttons on the auto panel. The car makes sounds, can sing songs and sometimes even blow bubbles to the delight of a little driver.

Also popular are rocking toys or toys on wheels: horses, whelps, dogs. Such a thing also allows the child to move independently.

Swing and play tents are equally suitable for both girls and boys, differing only in colors. Gifts of the same kind include:

  • “Dry pool” - inflatable pool with balls;
  • Sports complex for kids - plastic design for outdoor games.

Musical toys love and boys. You should choose instruments with pleasant, melodic sounds. The young musician will like:

  • percussion instruments - tambourines, drums;
  • keyboards - baby piano with colored keys,
  • wind - pipes, children's flutes.

Dear and memorable gifts to parents:

  • jewelry made of precious metals;
  • silver spoon on the first tooth;
  • silver box for the first curl of hair;
  • photo session for the baby and parents;
  • photo book about baby - with a photo of a child from birth to one year, decorated in scrapbooking style.

Learn labels!

Choosing toys for kids, you should carefully examine the labels before you buy something. Products for children should be:

  • made of environmentally friendly materials;
  • do not have an unpleasant chemical smell;
  • must not contain phenol and other hazardous chemical compounds.

Specialized children's stores must have certificates for all goods sold.

For kids, you should not buy toys from small parts or having sharp corners. Such items may harm children's health.

Gifts on the occasion of the birth of a child. Baby Clothing

Replenishment in the family is a joyful event for the parents themselves and for their environment. What to give for the birth of a child? Clothes for the little ones do not happen much. And if up to half a year a newborn is mostly speleny, after 6 months it will start to crawl first, and then try to walk. Rompers, vest and overalls need a lot.Clothing for newborns should be taken slightly for growth. If the baby is just born, you should purchase items with a size of six to nine or 6-12 months.

Toys for the little ones

These should be toys made from ecological materials. After all, kids all strive to shove in your mouth, nibble and bite. Uncomplicated but bright rattles, teethers for teeth, bathing toys are excellent gifts for the birth of a baby. Mounted rattles and turntables with quiet music for the crib - also a great option.

Gifts in the nursery. What to choose?

Linen sets for baby cots, blankets or blankets, terry bath towels for kids with a hood - young mothers and fathers will appreciate these gifts.

What to give for the New Year boy

Small children quickly grow and develop, very soon the baby will need a playpen and walkers.

Gifts for young parents on the occasion of the birth of a child:

  • baby bottle sterilizer;
  • set of pacifiers;
  • rocking chair to lull the kid;
  • photo albums for the first year of life;
  • set of children's dishes from plastic.

Close people can present more expensive gifts that will facilitate the everyday life of the mother of the baby.These things include:

An excellent gift would be to pay for the services of a professional nanny for a few hours, which will relieve the young mother a little and allow her to take a break from worries.

What to give a child for a year

Small conclusion

Now you know what you can give to children for different holidays. As you can see, there are a lot of options. When choosing a gift, be sure to consider the occasion, age of the child and gender. Only the right thing chosen will please the baby. Good luck in your choice!

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