What to take medicine on the road to the sea?

Every person who is going to travel to the sea spends the week before the trip in pleasant troubles related to fees. It is important not to forget to allocate a place in the suitcase for the first-aid kit, filling it with clothes and shoes. Medicines on the road is better prepared in advance, given the dangers that may lie in wait on vacation.

Medicines on the road - a means of motion sickness

According to statistics, somewhere around 15% of the adult population is familiar with such a nuisance as motion sickness. If they include a traveler who is going to a first-aid kit on the way to the sea, the list of drugs should include the appropriate drugs. The means that will help him to transfer the flight (boat trips, excursions) are calm: “Aeron”, “Sibazon”, “Torekan”.

medicines on the road

In babies, the formation of the vestibular apparatus lasts on average up to 5 years, but older children are also able to suffer from motion sickness. You should certainly add “Dramina” to the list of medicines on the road with your child.Tablets are available for children over one year old. For teens, it is better to prefer "Torekan", "Bonin".

How to protect against burns

The list of drugs on the road traditionally includes tools that help with burns. So that they are not useful, it is enough to take care of reliable protection of the skin, which is contraindicated in excess of ultraviolet radiation. The choice of sunscreen for an adult depends on the type of skin. If dark-haired brunettes can be limited to SPF 10, then the pale blond is more suitable for the degree of protection 30-40.

first-aid kit on the road at sea list of drugs

If you plan to travel with a child, he will need a cream with an SPF of 50. It is desirable that the product has water-repellent properties, does not contain components that can become a source of allergy in the baby. In this case, the drugs on the road for children from burns are not useful.

How to treat burns

Sunburn is a nuisance that often occurs during the first days of your stay at sea. Collecting medicines on the road, be sure to take into account the possible consequences of a long stay on the beach. The drug "Dexpanthenol" will help soothe the affected area of ​​the skin, produce a healing effect, accelerate the regeneration.

The sun's rays are a threat to children's skin, exposure to ultraviolet radiation can cause severe burns. Choosing medicines on the way to the sea with a child, one should not forget about such ointments as “Sulfargin”, “Panthenol”. You also need "Paracetamol", which will be useful in a situation of receiving sunstroke.

Assistance with acclimatization

Acclimatization is another possible source of indisposition at sea. The problem can be caused by rapid climate change, testing of local food, water. What medications for parents who intend to take small children on the road? Vitamin complex, which facilitates the process of adaptation, will help choose a pediatrician who will take into account the state of the children's immune system, will give the necessary recommendations.

first-aid kit on the road a list of drugs

What kind of medicine on the road to take for adults who can also become victims of acclimatization? It should be immunomodulatory drugs that are of vegetable origin. If a person has previously experienced malaise caused by climate change, it is advisable to take such funds even before the trip.

Injuries and cuts - remedies

Neither kids nor adults are protected from various cuts, injuries, dislocations. In particular, this threat is relevant for curious guys who fall during a run, grab sharp objects. Parents traveling with children, collecting medicines on the road to the sea, must fill the list with the following first aid items:

  • Zelenka;
  • hydrogen peroxide;
  • cotton wool;
  • bandages;
  • patches.

Sulfargin universal ointment will help accelerate the healing of cuts and scratches. Its use is not accompanied by a burning sensation, which is inevitable when using green brilliant. The tool activates the healing process, provides antibacterial protection. Buying medicines on the road to the sea with a child, you should definitely buy this drug, it is also suitable for the treatment of burns in babies.

How to protect yourself from a cold

ORZ, flu, cold - all these troubles are not excluded during the rest in warm countries. The contrast arising from the change of day and evening air temperatures is dangerous for a child’s body, and can become a source of illness in an adult.It is not excluded, and the change in weather, falling into the rain. What medicines to take on the road to protect against this danger?

what medicines to take on the road

Eliminate the sore throat, which often becomes a companion of viral, colds, help lollipops "Strepfen" aerosol "Geksoral." Preparations are suitable not only for children, but also for adults. With a cold, a runny nose is likely to occur, with which any nasal drops are capable of handling - Rinostop, Otrivin and others. For the little ones, Nazivin will be the ideal choice.

Cough remedies should also contain a first-aid kit on the road, the list of drugs should be replenished with the usual drugs that help with illness at home.

List of drugs on the road - antipyretics

The list of diseases that can be a source of fever is long enough. This should correspond to the first-aid kit on the road to the sea, the list of drugs must be supplied with effective antipyretic drugs. It is advisable to choose medicines that not only help to quickly bring down the temperature, but also cope with pains in the joints and muscles. Among them, the most popular are such tools as "Nurofen", "Panadol", "Paracetamol".

Effective antipyretic drug for children - "Rapidol", acting much faster than "Panadol". Its use leads to an instantaneous decrease in temperature, the remedy also relieves the pain associated with its increase. It is important that the medications that are added to the holiday kit as a children's antipyretic drugs, consistent with the age of the child. Read this will help to ensure this.

Preparations for intestinal infections

On vacation, each person has a desire to get acquainted with the national cuisine of the country where he is resting. Unfamiliar food is fraught with problems like intestinal infections. For pain and colic, “No-shpa” helps well, with diarrhea such drugs as “Imodium”, “Loperamide” are shown. Choosing medicines on the way to the sea, the list should be supplemented with the means indicated for poisoning. This may be Smekta, Ersefuril.

medication on the road to the sea with a child

When treating intestinal infections in a child, care should be taken. For example, such drugs as No-shpa and Panaverin do not suit babies. Smekta will help to soothe the children's stomach; you can take Mezim-forte and Regidron with you.

Having gotten rid of an intestinal infection, it is important to take care of restoring the broken microflora. To solve the problem of liquid stool, nausea will help drugs such as "Hilak Forte", "Linex".

What to take from allergies

The occurrence of an allergic reaction is typical for an organism suffering from such stresses as an unexpected change of climate, food habits. To get rid of pruritus and other manifestations of allergies will help drugs "Claritin", "Telfast", "Suprastin." Do not forget about the drug "Vizin", making a list of drugs on the road. The tool will be useful if allergies affect the eyes, causing lacrimation, inflammation.

If a baby has suffered from allergies up to a year, doctors do not advise to deal with its manifestations by means of medicines. For the smallest, it is better to provide a supply of activated carbon. Older children are suitable antihistamines, characterized by a minimum of side effects.

Do I need sedatives

A trip to the sea is a set of impressions that can knock out both an adult and a child. A change in the climatic zone also affects the psychological state.There may be consequences such as irritability, problems with falling asleep. In order not to spoil the whole vacation, it is necessary to choose the right sedative drugs on the way to the sea. The list may contain such drugs as Novopassit, Persen. Traditional treatment with the help of motherwort tincture also helps.

list of drugs on the road

It is advisable to avoid taking drugs when it comes to the child. In extreme cases, you can take with you special children's equipment, the main component of which is Valerian. Even if the drug is of plant origin, it is not recommended to use it without obtaining permission from the pediatrician.

Insect bites

Repellents - the means that you should definitely pack a first aid kit. They will help if you have to deal with such a nuisance as insect bites on vacation. In order to avoid allergies, it is advisable to dwell on drugs that have already been used by a person earlier. You can also check the reaction of the skin by applying the product before the trip.

The repellent, no matter how high-quality it is, does not guarantee one hundred percent protection against insects; a first-aid kit on the road must be designed for this.The list of drugs is replenished with medicines that can help in case of getting a bite. From itching and other unpleasant consequences effectively help drugs "Soventol", "Fenistil." They are equally relevant for the treatment of adults, and for the restoration of children's skin.

If there are chronic diseases

If a person goes on a trip who has a chronic disease, he will need a special first-aid kit on the road. The drug list contains all the ingredients listed above. Plus, you must take all the drugs that are used by patients in the treatment at home. Be sure to make sure you have the necessary stock of funds.

It is important to make sure that among the drugs prescribed to a patient with a chronic disease, there are no potent drugs. There is a possibility that they are not allowed to be carried across the border. In solving the problem, the presence of a prescription, which is issued by the doctor to the patient (necessarily in his name), will help. Disallowed medications must remain in their original packaging. You can not get rid of the check, which serves as proof of the legality of their acquisition.

list of drugs on the road with the child

We should not forget about such a banal means of protection against insects, like a fumigator. Adaptation will make more comfortable stay in the hotel room, save mosquitoes.

How to do without drugs

There are simple recommendations, the observance of which will help to make the collected medicines unclaimed on the way to the sea. The list of tips should first be studied by parents who plan to relax with their children.

  • It is necessary to limit the time of sunbathing, especially in the first days of being on the beach. Parents with children are not recommended to be on the street from 11 to 16 hours.
  • Sunscreen must be constantly updated. It is desirable to apply it on children's skin every two hours. We should not forget about the headdress, which should be comfortable and not fall.
  • The communal pool is not a good place for bathing the youngest children. It is better to take with you an inflatable device in which the baby will be able to dabble in solitude.
  • Food should be as familiar to the body as possible. It is advisable to abstain from testing exotic dishes.
  • If exotic countries are chosen for a beach holiday, you should take care of the necessary vaccinations.

How many drugs to take

It is difficult to take with you on a trip all the preparations, a list of which is given above. If space is limited in luggage, it is worthwhile to choose universal means that help in solving several problems at once. However, one should not abandon such important devices as a thermometer, a tonometer. This is especially true for those who do not plan to stay at the hotel.

In order not to have to spend extra money on medicines on vacation, it is best to choose proven funds with which the family is treated at home. This will help to avoid allergic reactions and other negative manifestations associated with the use of inappropriate tablets, ointments, gels. It is important when making a list to make sure that it does not include drugs that can not be imported into a particular country.

Whether to take medicine with you, everyone decides for himself. However, you can purchase the necessary drugs at home much faster and cheaper.

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