What was Hera?

Lyudmila Kolyagina
Lyudmila Kolyagina
April 15, 2013
What was Hera?

Mythology gave us a lot of fantastic characters that inspire us to many good deeds. We remember the bold Odyssey, the powerful Hercules and the charming Helen from the story of the Trojan Horse. But mythology does not stop at these characters. It is important not only to remember by the name of a participant in mythological stories, but to know his character, we will understand why he did this, and not otherwise. But today's conversation will touch Hera. What was Hera? Read the answer further in our article.

The origin of the character of Hera

Hera's parents are Rhea and Konos. Hera is not an ordinary ordinary goddess, she became the wife of the great thugger and the thunderer Zeus, who only once saw the beautiful girl, immediately fell in love with her and made her his wife. Hera - the goddess, is a prototype of a strong woman. The essence of her character almost immediately revealed, if you read the Greek myths. When her husband began to change her, she did not look at it in silence, but began to argue with her husband and jealously protect her marriage.Jealousy Hera spilled not on her husband, but on another woman, since she allowed her to accept someone else's husband. Hera does not suffer from depression, is always strong and decisive, finds a way out of difficult situations. One of her character traits is pronounced vindictiveness.

The main features of the character of the goddess

This representative of Olympus is considered the patroness of the family hearth, and this is no accident. Hera has always shown her desire to be a woman, to be prestigious, to have a good reputation. A woman with the character of Hera does not want to live simply in marriage, she wants to be a wife, to be the only one for her husband. To be not only faithful, but also patient, to support your spouse in difficult times for him. Of course, television series and feature films have put together our idea of ​​Hera, but they are not always true. To get to know Hera better, you need to read the myths in which she is mentioned.

Hera's Vengefulness

The Greek goddess Hera uses work as an additional way to find a husband. She can combine both marriage and her direct duties as a representative of Olympus. Hera suffered greatly, so she was a destructive character, sometimes even cruel. Recall the story when Zeus gently reacted to Io. And in order to hide her from the wrath of Hera, he even turned her into a cow.But nevertheless, Hera overtook her, leaving her in custody and thereby depriving Io of the opportunity to gain human form. Therefore, Hera's rival had to see a lot of grief before enjoying life again.

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