When I get married: divination

Since ancient times, all women, regardless ofage, religion and profession, worried about the issue of marriage. This is not surprising, because the purpose of each girl is to get a family and have children. Therefore, there are many fortune-tellers who can answer such a sensitive question. Someone goes to the sorcerers, and someone does it themselves. Divination by candlelight is one of the most common ways to find out your destiny.

The main types of divination

When I get married? Guessing can be done with a mirror and candles. It is necessary to take a mirror that does not distort, completely whole, without the slightest scratch. You will also need candles. They should be consecrated in the church, in size - medium. Take the mirror, put it in front of you. Place two candles on the plates, to the left and right of the mirror. It is necessary to guess which of the worthwhile candles is you, and which one is your favorite person. Light the candles with your left hand only.

If the flame burns the same on both candles,then you have complete harmony. This is a harbinger of an early marriage. If your candle is burnt out faster than the one that is thought of as "spoiled," then only you want this marriage. If his candle is burnt first, then expect an early proposal of the hand and heart.

The method of fortune telling is very popular.on the night of the feast of Ivan Kupala. Take a bowl, fill it with water. Also need a gold ring. Guess the question, for example, when you get married. Mentally repeat the name of the person you love. Throw the ring into the water. Count the number of circles on the water. This number will be cherished - the date of the wedding. If there are no rings at all, there will not be a wedding with the person you have planned.

Divination by the age of marriage

Many girls want to know the specific time,to prepare properly for this significant day. Therefore, there is a guessing: how much will I get married? It will take the wedding ring of the mother or grandmother. Take also a glass or jar. The container must be glass. Fill the vessel with water so that a quarter of it is empty. It is necessary to take your hair, to put it in the ring. Then place the ring over the jar or glass so that it is flush with the edges of the vessel. Hold until the ring begins to beat the edge of the container. How many times it strikes, for so many years you will get married.

In order to learn and answer yourself to such,it would seem, a simple question: whether I will marry, fortune telling can be done with a pearl necklace. This method has been used for more than one generation, so this method can be said to be time-tested. To pay for the wedding, you need to wear pearls a week before the new moon and wear, without removing, until the fortune telling. So the necklace will be full of your energy. When the new month rises, you can proceed. Take a bowl, fill it with water. You need to put a clean paper sheet on the water. On this sheet put the pearls, mentally ask the question of marriage and say the name of the beloved person. If within a few minutes the necklace does not sink - the wedding be. If, on the contrary, it goes under the water, it means that you are not destined to get married to this person.

Divination Online

If you are a fan of the Internet, you can tell fortunesand online. To give you a clear answer to the question: when I get married, fortune telling can be done for free on sites with similar services. You get paid on maps or with the help of numerology. Virtual solitaire or guessing by the date of birth, decide for yourself.

We hope that our article will help you answer the question of marriage with the help of fortune-telling. It is always interesting to know what awaits in the future.

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