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Ambar hakarla resembles the smell prevailing in neglected public toilets. And Hakarl looks like diced cheese. But not even so a normal person does not want to eat hakarl. He is terrible of his origin. Hakarl is nothing more than rotten to the last muscle cells meat of a harmless Greenland giant shark. In Iceland, this delicacy is included in the mandatory program of Christmas and New Year's festivities.

To eat rotten shaving means to be resistant and strong, like a real Viking. After all, in Tru-Viking iron is not only armor, but also the stomach.

Hakarl - the most specific of the Viking cuisine dish. It is a decomposed shark meat, which for a long time (6-8 weeks) lay in a sand-gravel mixture in a box, or even buried in the ground, to provide the desired degree of decomposition.

Then the rotted pieces of meat, taken from the ground, are hung on hooks and left in the open air for another 2-4 months. In total, after six months of exposure, the finished dish is decorated with steam vegetables and served on the table for lovers of sharp gastronomic sensations, most of whom eat this delicacy for both cheeks.

The taste of hakarl is something between a sturgeon and a squid, but the smell is unbearable, and the price is transcendental. A serving of such a treat is worth no less than 100 euros *.

The meaning of this ugly food is that the giant shark is a rather weighty food, but its fresh meat is poisonous, contains a lot of uric acid and trimethylamine, which disappear when the product decays. Ready hakarl for shops is packed up, as our squids to beer from a stall. The inexperienced eaters are advised to plug their nose at the first tasting, because the smell is much stronger than the taste. He looks like a very sharp white-faced or mackerel in Jewish.

Hakarl is of two varieties: from a rotten stomach and from rotten muscle tissue.

And here is what Alex P. writes about this dish.

Here is what I read in a tourist guide about Icelandic cuisine:

Traditional Icelandic cuisine is based, not surprisingly, on fish and seafood. In traditional recipes, many extremely original, though not always edible, dishes are used that are unusual for such “delights” of the stomach, dishes that have come down to us since the days of the distant Middle Ages. The basis of the diet is fish of all kinds of cooking, especially cod, herring and salmon in all forms.The famous pickled salmon "gravlax", pickled herring with the spices, various sandwiches with fish, fried or dried fish "hardfishkur", as well as necessarily offered to tourists as local exotic fish with a tang "hakar" or meat are extremely popular. marine mammals.

Of the most popular drinks coffee. Unlike most Scandinavian countries, beer is not so widely distributed (for the most part because of its relatively high price). The traditional Icelandic drink is considered to be “brannivin” (something between vodka and whiskey) ...

Of course, being on this Sevrny Island, I decided to sip exotics, it was HAKARL, since SILD-SALEDKA was banal, judging by the name, it seemed to me something like a mixture of diarrhea, well, it was impossible to speak HARDFISCUR - it was simply impossible, and I didn’t really like the Icelandic ramming.

Several times, asking me if I really wanted to order a hakarl, the waitress with a sweet smile lifted me up and led me to the end of the hall, where there were three empty tables in a small glass room.

A very prudent step, considering that hakarl is an EMISSIONED SHARK MEAT.Yes, yes, the shark is caught, buried in the sand for 3-4 months, then taken out, prepared and served to the table, pre-decorated with vegetable stews. But before making me happy with such a dish, the waitress put a decanter with 200 g of brannevine on the table - local vodka, which Icelanders themselves generally call the “black death” and do not drink under any circumstances, preferring Bourbon or banal Finnish vodka. Well, the black was not black, but the cloudy liquid was beyond measure. That, in general, is not surprising, given that the flannevin is driven from the potatoes, and then flavored with cumin.

By that time, on the sad experience of my wallet, I was already convinced how high the price of alcohol was in Iceland, so I suggested that the girl carry the “death” back.

However, she politely but insistently announced that she would leave the small decanter on the table for my own good.

The prudence of the waitress became clear when she, with a sly smile, brought a plate of hakarl into the room. Sweet-sugary, with tints of sourness, the smell of rotting roasted meat spread sharply around the room. I didn’t believe to the last that I’ll have enough willpower to allow hackarl to be in the stomach.

However, to refuse food, when the eyes of everyone in the room were fixed on you, it was not in Russian.

Cutting off an impressive piece of shark (or rather, what was left of it), I sent it into my mouth. There was no more vile feeling in life. It seemed that a small chemical plant had exploded in its mouth. Or I took a little bit of hygiene, which is usually left in the plane on the backs of the seats. My hand involuntarily reached for the jug, I poured 50g of gramnevine into a glass and tipped them in my mouth. The Black Death paid off. For the first few seconds I had a long and painful thought that it was more disgusting - Hakarl or this vodka, because the latter left behind such an oily-sweet aftertaste that I wanted to climb onto the wall.

Right, after such an attack on my receptors, the taste, which I had hitherto considered the most disgusting in my life - pepper vodka, bitten by the cake, seemed like ambrosia. Having somehow mastered half of the hakarl (the waitress later said that this is a record for the last three years), I, with the face of a martyr, slouched to the exit from the glass prison.

In the doorway, I ran into a still cheerful Japanese.The poor man, not knowing about his fate, ordered another local delicacy - hritspungur, that is, lamb eggs, pickled in the sour milk, and then pressed into the cake.

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