Where to do a professional manicure and pedicure?

Girls and women who strive to look well-groomed from head to foot, always monitor the condition of their nails on their hands and feet. Neatness and cleanliness are the minimum requirements for beautiful nails that you can provide for yourself. You can beautifully paint your nails with varnish, gel polish, build up, apply nice drawings and patterns - not everyone can cope with this, and then you can turn to a good nail salon for help. For an affordable price with high quality and fast you will make any design you like.

How to choose a nail salon?

It is better to contact a famous place that has proven itself to be popular and loved by many visitors. If other women are happy to go to this place and are happy with the result, it means that there are professionals who know how to make the client's dream come true. Therefore, if you plan to regularly do nail design in one salon, do not be lazy to look for the best for yourself.Ask around friends, acquaintances, relatives, where they like to go, explore the sites of famous salons and their groups on social networks. A good salon publishes photos of its best projects and does not hesitate to leave feedback from clients about their work.

Professionalism masters. If you liked any salon and you go there for the first time, you can order some simple service to start with. Assess how well the person will do his job, how he will contact you during the work, whether he will keep the workplace clean and in the process of treating your nails. A good master maintains cleanliness, always disinfects all working tools, calmly and carefully listens to the client and understands what he needs, neatly and without errors does his job as accurately and quickly as possible. If you like the atmosphere in the cabin and the work of the master, you can become his regular client.

Cost Manicure and pedicure of all kinds, as well as modern nail art - services are popular, they are offered by absolutely all beauty salons, as well as individual masters. There are a lot of offers, and most of the masters in the salons have at least a “full hand” to create all modern types of manicure and pedicure.In general, such services are inexpensive or have an average cost, if it is an innovative technique or a new, very beautiful and especially complex in a technical sense design. You will bring beauty for a little money, but if the cost seems high, compare prices with those presented for the same services in another salon, and contact the one that offers cheaper. Individual masters with extensive experience work with complex materials and perform work at a higher level, and therefore quite fairly represent the higher cost of their services. Therefore, if you want to be sure that you will get a high-class result, contact such masters. As a rule, they are not unfounded: they have a chic and rich portfolio of various works and a lot of real positive feedback from different clients.

PILKI - a network of manicure and pedicure studios

If you are a resident of St. Petersburg, you can, for example, go to any of the 15 salons of manicure and pedicure studios PILKS - here are working masters of their craft who will perform a diverse professional manicure and pedicure to your taste.Explore the company's website - pilkinail.ru: the gallery contains works for example, you can sign up directly on the site itself, and the addresses of the salons are easily specified on the map in the contact section. Prices will please you - they are affordable and do not exceed reasonable limits for these services. In the salon, you can make high-quality manicure and pedicure, not only for women, but also for men.

The company offers modern and popular types of services: regular manicure and pedicure (separate removal), manicure with shellac (separate removal), shellac coating, French jacket, moon design, Vinylux coating, diverse design, artistic painting, men's manicure and pedicure, IBX coating.

If you yourself dream of becoming a nail master and creating beauty on the nails of other ladies, you can apply for job vacancies or contact a special school for training - Pilki school. All details can also be found on the website.

Well-groomed nails and beautiful manicure are the business card of the modern girl. At a minimum, they should be clean and smooth, and a bright covering and modern high-quality design will help you to express your individuality. A good master will help to translate all ideas into a quality result, so do not be lazy to find someone who will work with your marigolds accurately and professionally.

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