Which icon is prayed by pregnant women? Icon for pregnant women: history, description

Pregnancy is the most important event and at the same timetime is not an easy test for any woman. Childbirth for her is the culmination of all the torments to which she was doomed because of the original sin of the foremother of our Eve. Therefore it is somewhat presumptuous, unreasonable and frivolous to approach this process without the Lord's blessing, prayers and intercession of the Most Holy Mother and all the patron saints.

Miracle-working icons, prayers of pregnant women, patrons

Already for many centuries the OrthodoxChristians worship the Mother of God, which became the embodiment of reverent respect for any woman as a future mother. The very process of procreation was extremely sacred, it was equated with worship. Traditions that accompanied pregnancy and childbirth, and then upbringing, were transferred from daughter to mother. The pregnant woman was obliged to lead a pious and respectable life. Inside it, at this time, God created a new human soul and body. Therefore, it was necessary to take care primarily about his spiritual state, which does not allow vices and sins.

The icon of the pregnant Mother of God is one of the main images before which they pray in these crucial months. Mom and her baby at the most crucial moment will act, so to speak, amicably and together.

Prayer will certainly give the woman comfort,meekness, kindness, love and truthfulness. After all, now she is responsible not only for herself, but also for her constantly developing fruit. Her thoughts and actions must be pure. It is necessary to refrain from anger, irritation, pride, empty talk, envy, fear and despondency.

Many future mothers are wondering: an icon for pregnant women exists, to whom and how best to pray, so that the entire period of bearing the child before birth was safely? To answer precisely these questions, let us turn to the help of a book called "Full Orthodox Prayer for Any Needs", which it is desirable to always have at home at your fingertips.

Icon of the Most Holy Theotokos, called "Skoroposlushnitsa"

So, we open the chapter, which is called "Prayers of pregnant women about safe resolution and the birth of healthy children." And we see before what icons, what prayers are read.

icon for pregnant women

Almost immediately prayers are given to the Most Holy Theotokosin front of her icon, called the "Skoroposlushnitsa". The most ancient icon, the prototype of which is now stored on Mount Athos, on the Holy Mountain, in the monastery of Dohyare. Its history goes back thousands of years (X century). According to legend, with the blessing of the founder of the monastery, the Monk Neophyte wrote this icon. It is assumed that she became a list with the miraculous image of Our Lady, revered in the city of Alexandria.

But these prayers will help to reduce the suffering of a pregnant woman (they are also read when there is a shortage of mothers who have milk):

  • Troparion, the voice of the fourth: "To the Theotokos as a prince of substance in troubles ...".
  • Kondak, voice of the 8th: "In the Mori of the everyday life you are overcome ...".
  • Prayer: "Blessed Lady, Ever-Virgin Mother of God ...".

Icon of the Most Holy Theotokos, named "Healer"

Following in the prayer-book there is the image of the Mother of God, known as the "Healer". This is also an icon for a pregnant woman, before which you need to pray.

The history of its creation is connected with miracles,which occurred at the end of the XVIII century in Moscow. One of the ministers of the church, Vikentiy Bulvenenskiy, knelt before the image of the Mother of God at the entrance and exit from the church. Once he got very sick. His tongue blackened, severe pains began to drive him to unconsciousness. He began to pray to the Mother of God that she would help heal. Suddenly an angel appeared to him, and the Mother of God Himself descended from Heaven and healed him. Completely healthy Vikenty immediately went to the service, the whole church brothers marveled at this miracle. And this was the reason for writing a beautiful icon.

icon of the pregnant Virgin

Now the icon of the Theotokos "Healer" can be seen in many hospital temples and chapels. The prayers that are read before her are as follows:

  • Troparion, Tone 4: "Yako the Lightest Star ...".
  • Prayer: "Come, O, All-Blessed and Almighty Lady Madonna of the Virgin, Virgin ...".

Icon of the Mother of God, named "Feodorovskaya"

Following is an icon that helps pregnant women,Our Lady of Theodore. It is known that this icon was written by the Evangelist Luke. And further it is not known, how it has got to a small provincial city Gorodets, whence the first mentions about it have gone. In 1239, the Mongol-Tatars turned the city into ashes. But this holy image somehow mysteriously disappeared. He was discovered later by Prince Vasily Kostromskaya, brother of Alexander Nevsky. Hunting in the forest, he saw an icon on a tree, he wanted to take it off, but it hung in the air.

At the same time, residents of Kostroma saw some kind ofa warrior who walked and carried this icon in his hands. It was said that it was the Great Martyr Theodore Stratilat himself, in honor of which the local church in Kostroma was built.

icon of the pregnant mother of God

Prince Vasily told the spiritual brotherhood ofthe event that happened to him. Then they went to this place and began to pray for a long time on their knees. Only then could remove this icon. Over time, this place was formed monastery monastery.

On the reverse side of the image is the holy facemartyr Paraskeva (Friday), which in Russia was revered as the patroness of brides and motherhood. It is her girls who ask for a traveler's husband, infertile - about women's health and conception.

Theodorean image of the Theotokos - the oldest onRussia miraculous icon for pregnant women, assistant in childbirth and raising children. She is prayed for the formation of a successful married couple and the birth of healthy babies in her by the following patterns:

  • Troparion, Tone 4: "The Coming of Your Honorable Icon ...".
  • Kontakion 1-st: "The voracious Voevoda, the Immaculate Virgin Virgin, the Protector of our ...".
  • Prayer: "Whom shall I call, the Lady ...".

There is another great prayer of pregnant women about safe resolution. It begins with the words: "Oh, Glorious Mother of God, have mercy on me, Your servant ..."

Icon of the Reverend Melania

In the section of prayers for pregnant women, the nameSt. Melania (Roman, or Romans), which was born at the end of the IV century. Melania was to become the heiress of a huge fortune. At the age of 14 she was forcibly given away as a close relative - Piniana. After the wedding, she offered her husband to live in abstinence, he agreed, but only before that he asked to give him two children. However, the children were never destined to live in this world. Yes, and Melania herself almost died after the second premature birth. Pinian realized that he was the cause of all her misfortunes, and then took upon himself a vow of chastity. When he died, he left his wife a fortune. Melania, having distributed all her possessions to the poor, began to build monasteries and temples throughout the district.

icon of the pregnant photo

In Jerusalem, next to the Holy Sepulcher, there is a cave where St. Melanya. Her relics were also kept there. But then they were taken out by the Crusaders, and now they are in Rome.

Prayers for St. Melanya:

  • Troparion: "In you, Mother, you know I'm saved ...".
  • Kontakion, the voice of the third: "The virginity of the purity of a lover ...".

This is all about the prayer for pregnant women. However, Orthodox women worship other icons.

Icon of the Mother of God "Infant of the Infant"

In Byzantium this image of the Theotokos was revered asancient wonderworking shrine. The icon "Infant Infantry" is one of the most beloved in the Russian people. The icon was acquired in November 1795 by the Moscow-based Nikolo-Ugreshsky Monastery, created by Dimitri Donskoi in connection with the victory in Kulikovo Field. Before this way, many people received healing and help. Women mostly prayed for a cure for infertility, for a successful pregnancy, or for a sick infant.

icon for a pregnant woman

During the ruin of the monastery after the revolution in 1918she disappeared. In 2003, this icon was returned to one pious family, who bought it from a collector. Now it is kept in the monastery, in the Transfiguration Cathedral, and is the most revered. There are several varieties of the image of the icon of the Mother of God "Vzygranie", which are common on Mount Athos. Before her, the pregnant women read the prayer "Blessed Virgin, Mother ..." before the birth.

Icon of the Virgin

This icon belongs to the category of the rarest, but notthe only ones. This type of icon painting is typical for Mount Athos and Georgia. It is on the Athonite or Georgian icon of the infant Jesus that we do not see. The icon painter, unfortunately, no one knows. The icon, where the Virgin is pregnant, is in Greece, in the small church of Raphael in Raches, in a place with healing springs.

icon for pregnant women

In the Orthodox iconography there is enoughrarely. But that's not the point. The fact is that the icon of the pregnant Mother of God is portrayed with the baby Jesus. The main feature of this iconographic image is that in it all attention is focused on the motherhood and the expectation of the coming of the Messiah.

The icon of the pregnant Mother of God was found inone of the monasteries in Western Georgia. When the repair took place, they raised the floor and found a whole storehouse of rare magnificent icons. Among them was the icon of Mary with Christ in the womb.

This gentle image of Saint Mary helps allfuture mothers with offspring in the womb safely pass the entire period and wait for timely delivery. And for those who do not have children, finally find the joy of motherhood.

However, this is not the last answer to the question about which icon the pregnant prayers are praying for. There are many such images, only a few know about them.

Icon of the Mother of God, called "Assistant in childbirth"

Today in some pious familiesyou can see the amazing image of Our Lady, called "Assistant in childbirth" (this is also an icon for pregnant women). On it, Saint Mary is depicted on the growth, her hands are frozen in a prayerful gesture above the womb of the Eternal Infant Christ.

icon for pregnant assistant

In the moments of the cruelest suffering of the birth of an infant, death becomes very close, and therefore a woman with hot prayer resorts to the Savior and His Most Pure Mother with these words:

  • Troparion, Tone 4: "To the Theotokos is diligent ...".
  • Kontakion, Tone 6: "Representation of Christians ...".
  • And the Rapture: "We magnify, O, the Blessed Virgin ...".

There is a very similar to this image - the icon of the Virgin "Helper of the wives of a child to give birth." Only here in St. Mary's open head and loose hair.

Any such icon for pregnant women is their assistant andpatroness. A kind and peaceful face of the Mother of God will give peace and joy to the future mother, and prayer will become more pure, confident and sincere.

In our article on the topic "Icon for pregnant women" it is worth mentioning and other icons, no less important for the moment of pregnancy and birth.

Icon of the righteous Joachim and Anna

The future parents of the Holy Mary are the holy forefathersJoachim and Anna, at the end of life, growing old, already had no hope for the birth of their own child. And it was only after God's blessing that their daughter Mary was born. However, before this event, they had to endure ridicule and contempt, since at that time the bezchadie was a real disgrace for the couple.

They lived in Nazareth in Galilee. They did not grumble about their sorrow, they relied on the Lord's will and prayed fervently. One day during the festival, the righteous elder Joachim brought gifts to God to Jerusalem, but the priest did not take this unworthy sacrifice to God from a childless husband. Joachim could not stand it. Considering himself not pleasing to the Lord as a man, he did not return home, but decided to settle in a deserted solitude. Anna, righteous, having learned about the humiliation suffered by her husband, began to pray with sorrow, being in constant fasting. The righteous Joachim prayed unceasingly. And God finally heard them and sent them an angel who brought them good news that they will soon have a daughter, who will be the blessing of the whole human race. After they took their Mary to the temple, both parents did not live long. When they died, St. Joachim was 80 years old, and Saint Anne was 70 years old.

icon where the Virgin Mary is pregnant

So this wonderful icon appeared. Praying to the pregnant woman before her is necessary in order for God to give strength and bless to a happy procreation.

  • Troparion, voice 1-st: "I'm more legitimate ...".
  • Kontakion, Tone 2: "Anna is now happy ...".
  • Prayer: "Oh, the Nativity of Christ ...".

Icon of the Prophet Zechariah and the Righteous Elizabeth

How can one not remember the pious couple of Zachariasand Elizabeth, to whom God gave John the Baptist? After all, they, too, like the parents of the Virgin, long prayed to the Lord that He would grant them a child. And then during the regular divine service the holy angel brought word to Zechariah that his wife would soon have a son and he will be great before the Lord. Zacharias doubted these words, because he did not believe that his elderly wife could still give birth. For this he was punished in silence until John the Baptist was born.

icons of prayer for pregnant women

Before this icon such prayers are read:

  • Troparion: "Priesthood with clothes ...".
  • Kontakion: "The Prophet is day ...".
  • Prayer: "Oh, holy bows of God, prophesy ...".

During pregnancy, you need to know certainprayers to the Lord and the Theotokos. And it is better to read them every day. This should be done, even if the pregnancy is proceeding safely, as there is no guarantee of easy and painless birth of a healthy, intelligent and cute baby, blessed by the Lord.

Is the birth of a child a miracle ?! The Lord does not give such joy to everyone. But miracles exist for those who believe in them. It is very important to know that, whoever has faith in the Lord Almighty in his soul, he will multiply, and whoever does not have it - the latter will be taken from him. Praying sincerely and selflessly, one must believe that God is merciful and all-powerful and there is nothing for Him that He could not create.

Icon of St. blessed Xenia

We will not re-describe the pious path of this great saint, but one event related to the miracle worker will seem very curious.

After the death of his husband, Andrei FedorovichBlessed Xenia of Petersburg gave all her property to the poor. And her house was signed by Antonova Paraskeva - a woman who rented a room from her. Xenia herself became a holy fool in the name of Christ. Soon people began to notice that after meeting with her, their affairs were getting better, and the patients received healing. Parents began to rush to her with sick children, since with her blessing they really recovered.

Once St. Xenia saved an unborn child. One day she suddenly came home to the same woman, Antonova Paraskeva, and she cried: "Why are you sitting there, mending your stockings and do not know that the Lord sent you a son! Rather, go to the Smolensk cemetery. " The woman obeyed her blessed patroness, all agitated and in disbelief she ran out of the house and quickly headed for the cemetery. Suddenly she saw that a crowd of people had formed. As it turned out, the driver accidentally knocked down the pregnant woman, who later had a boy, and the poor herself died on the spot. Nobody succeeded in finding her relatives, therefore Paraskeva took the baby to live with her and adopted her, because she saw in this the fishing of God. She brought him up as a Christian, and a worthy and educated man grew up who cared for his non-native mother with great warmth and love until the very last days on earth.

icon praying to pregnant women

Now to the image of St. Blessed Xenia pray mummies who want their child to be born and grown sensible and obedient. Like the son whom God sent to the childless Paraskeva. These are the prayers:

  • Troparion, Tone 7: "The misery of Christ ...".
  • Kontakion, voice 3-rd: "Today it's light rejoicing ...".
  • Prayer: "Oh, holy, all-blessed ...".


The names of the icons, where the Virgin is depicted, are many. And in fact it does not matter what the name of the icon is called. Pregnant women this fact can worry. But they must choose their heart in order to fully trust in it, choose the one that will be to their liking and before which they can quietly and reverently pray.

Pregnancy and childbirth are considered an event that shows the divine greatness of life. Before giving birth, it is necessary to take the priest's blessing and serve prayers and akathists in honor of the holy icons.

As an apple tree is decorated with its fruits, so is a womanchildren. In these moments she herself becomes like a holy icon. Pregnant women (photos show that during this period they turn into the most beautiful, sweet and gentle women) a little later will meet with their baby.

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