White magic: for luck and money conspiracy

Today much is said about what opportunitiesprovides ordinary man with white magic. People conduct rituals and conspiracies for luck and money. Then they only thank the one who recommended the miracle cure. And what happens in reality? Why and how does it work? How not to make a mistake in choosing a rite for a beginner? Let's discuss this. Let's get acquainted with what recommends to do white magic for money and luck.

white magic for luck and money

A bit of theory

You know, a lot of people talk about and talk about sparks. Many people with magic are familiar with films. In all materials, there are many exaggerations or outright lies. A person has the impression that no magic exists. In fact, everything is different. We are by nature given white magic. We can fortunately for luck and money. After all, man's strength is not only in the volume of muscles and the piercing of thought. There is another. Superficially, this quality is defined as willpower. And if you look deeper, it will seem magic, but such that the mystic writers never dreamed.


It consists in the union of man with the forces of nature,in the ability to accept what is happening with gratitude. Yes, many things you can say. The bottom line is that the magic is in the soul. You just have to believe it. The last condition is mandatory. Without its observance, nothing will come of it. Do not help the white magic for luck and the ritual money to hold. She, that magical authority that distributes the wishes of people, puts resolutions and sends them to realization, will not hear. Faith is the channel of communication with the universe. Without him, as a deaf-mute, waving your hands, the spell will mumble, and in response, as they say in the song, silence. And the results themselves fall on those who can believe in a miracle. Join these happy people.

conspiracy for luck and money white magic

White magic: attracting luck and money

The approach to magic should be gradual andnatural. You know how children play. They do this not with their hands and feet, but with the whole being. This is how white magic teaches us to work wonders. For good luck and money, such a simple ritual practice. A day suitable for energy for divination is Wednesday on the growing moon. Get up before dawn. The table is laid with a new cloth. It should be white that snow. Even better is the ritual when the round table is used. At its center, lay out seven coins of yellow. However, check the date on them. Do not use a leap year coin. How to form a yellow circle on the white, read these words: "Ever-Virgin Mary, Holy Servant! The soul of the Lord, the servant (name) prays to you passionately. Help in important matters. In what, we will not tell anyone. Cover the Lord slave (name) with his will, put it on a good share. Amen!". Read the conspiracy-prayer is necessary, without interruption, seven times. When finished, collect the coins and add them to the secret place at the doorstep. This ritual was often performed with gold in the old days. Bury it directly under the threshold to instill the old people. Keep in mind, no rituals at the churchyard or with the mention of demons and devils does not contain white magic.

white magic how to draw luck and money

How to attract luck and money: simple rules

Magic is when a person is constantlycares about harmony in his world. If he is careless, irresponsible about money, then they run away. When he does not know how to live within his means, he vegetates in poverty. And a harmony of small things is being built. Look, how are the banknotes in the wallet folded? Are they crumpled and crumpled? So you will not attract wealth to yourself. It is necessary to add them by rank, that is, at face value, without bending. Respect very much like the egregor of money. Do you know what it is? You see, our thoughts and emotions do not disappear anywhere, since they were born. They unite and form a separate entity from the parents - egregor.

Energy Assistants

All people on earth think about money. That's their energy and supports the power of this entity. And she, as it can, helps her "adherents". Like the egregore, always with money. But do not worship him. In the energy world, very sensitive to the shades of feelings. You want money, but you despise the poor - this is a negative situation. Or, if you crave enrichment yourself, but hate tycoons. With these emotions, only aggression towards yourself is called to this powerful entity. She will take away from you those crumbs that have ever been. Therefore, one should respect the money and all that is associated with them, but do not consider the golden calf as God.

white magic attraction of luck and money

Full Moon Ritual

Let's get down to practice. We are also interested in helping white magic for money and luck. On the full moon the following ritual is performed. You need to buy a bulb of any flower home. Another pot, prepare an empty, earth, water glass and thirteen coins of different dignity. At night, as the moon in the window peeps, proceed to the quarrel. Place the coins on the windowsill. Let a little moonlight soak. Themselves form a thought form, investing in it the intention to become rich. It is individual. That is, what you want to receive from the rite, think about it. But not by the sums and toes on the bank card, but by the pleasure that you get from shopping, traveling and so on. Then take a coin and put the pot on the bottom. On each one you say: "I will dig a treasure in a full moon, a wondrous tree will grow, gold enrich, happiness will fill life!" So do it until everyone is in the pot. At the top of the earth, fill in your onion and plant it. But do not water immediately. Leave everything on the windowsill until dawn. And in the morning, pour from a glass, saturated with moonlight. Again, say the formula.

white magic for money and luck

Consequences of the ritual

It is necessary to watch yourflower-treasure. If he does not want to ascend, he does not know what energy was invested in the fortune. We must start all over the next full moon. When the plant is normal, it means that everything was done right. It will attract you money luck. But as soon as you notice that the flower began to hurt or withered overnight, you need to clean the aura and the room from the negative. To know if someone has spoiled or spoiled it. Then throw away the magic flower with a pot and coins. They worked their own way. It is necessary to conduct a rite again.

Ritual for the growing moon

Mages, as a rule, are recommended to beginners in theirpractice proceed from the cycle of the night queen. Our magic power is connected with the moon. As it increases, you should ask for the arrival of the benefits of any. Begins to decrease - you conduct other rituals. We are now interested in receiving, that is, conspiracy for luck and money. White magic contains fairly clear recommendations on this matter. Rites are spent during the growth of the lunar disk. Their effectiveness at this time is increasing. You can, for example, show a coin to a young month. So say: "The sickle in the sky was born, the young king appeared! To him to grow in the sky, to fill the trunk with gold. As the moon pours in, my wallet fills up. Amen!". Coin in a purse and do not waste until the next time.

white magic for money and luck in the full moon

The conspiracy of the candles

On your birthday, too, turn. This is a beautiful period when the angels are very close. Any desire will be heard and embodied. You only need to buy candles in the temple in advance. Take as many as you will. From the evening scribble on them your dreams. Only again do not write the amount, but what you want to spend it on. And in the dawn dawn, get up. Guard the angel-keeper. Candle magical light. While they are gaily glowing, congratulating you on the holiday, you say: "On the day of the Saint's Angel, I ask not the kingdom of gold, not the crown and power, but the quenching of passion. The Lord gave the servant (name) three letters-a leaf from Jesus Christ. St. Nicholas wrote them. In each word, blaze, give me the Lord a slave, call for wealth! Amen!". While the candles are burning, say this conspiracy.

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