Who is smarter - a cat or a dog?

People often argue who is smarter: a cat or a dog? These animals are the most frequent pets. It is rare to meet a person who would never seek to have a four-legged friend for himself. City apartment becomes much more comfortable when there is a living creature in it. And how much joy tail pets give to their owners! They drive away melancholy, help to forget the trouble. There are undoubtedly more positive emotions from them than negative moments. About cats and dogs written many works. In such books, their unsurpassed intelligence, dedication and ability to understand the host at a glance are usually praised. So who better to give preference?

cat or dog

It should be understood in advance that the answer can not be unambiguous. Here you need to be able to listen to your own heart, define your expectations and motives. And those and other animals have high intelligence. They are able to warn the owners of the danger, to show signs of attention to them. That is how pets express their deep affection.Due to specific circumstances, people opt for a particular pet. What should be remembered?


Any healthy animal shows interest in the surrounding world. About cats and dogs have repeatedly said that they are extremely active and inquisitive. It seems that pets are ready to explore the space around with incredible enthusiasm. Cats show curiosity about everything that surrounds them, not missing a single detail. If you bring a new thing to the apartment, they immediately begin to sniff it. Representatives of the cat family always want to get acquainted with a new object. Cats love to climb into the boxes and sit there for a long time, watching the outside world. This occupation gives them pleasure.

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Curiosity lies in the nature of dogs. That is why these amazing animals love to frolic in nature. They like it when the owner provides the opportunity to learn something new. The dog demonstrates its intelligence in obedience. She intuitively feels that a person is stronger and wiser than her, therefore she easily obeys.

Ability to remember a name

Pets easily perceive their nickname.Sometimes it is enough to say it out loud only a few times, as the pet has already learned the pronunciation of certain sounds. What is the difference between animals here? Nevertheless, the dogs remember the nickname a little faster and run to the owner immediately when he starts calling them. With cats, the situation is somewhat different. These animals are quite independent and proud. For this reason, they do not always consider it necessary to immediately respond to the call of a person, which, of course, does not detract from their intellectual abilities. Mental abilities of a cat are large enough. The only question is whether it considers it necessary at a particular point in time to express itself.


Experts around the world agree that pets can be taught to perform simple tricks. Master the elementary team under the power of any breed pet. The dog is easier to train, there is no doubt about it. This is because the dog is more human-oriented and does not want to disappoint him with anything. For her to learn new teams - a couple of trivia. To do this, it is enough to repeat them several times out loud. A faithful friend will quickly understand what is required of him.

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It is much more difficult for a cat to teach something, but not because it is more stupid than a dog. Dogs are more dependent on humans. They gladly carry out his will. Cats are creatures quite independent and capricious. For this reason, it sometimes seems that they cannot be taught anything. However, this is actually a delusion. If you apply a little time and patience to the classes, the results will not take long to wait.

Daily regime

Regardless of who will be your four-legged friend (cat or dog), you need to make sure that the pet feels comfortable and easy. The daily regimen is necessary to discipline an animal, to develop useful habits. The dog learns very well when it comes time for feeding, at which point it is time to go for a walk. All this speaks of high intelligence.

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Cats are less adapted to the lifestyle of the owners. Looking at them, sometimes it seems that they live exclusively by their own rules. However, cats are able to learn some of the rules of being in a human dwelling. For example, small predators are well accustomed to going to the tray, and not to smudge the nooks of the apartment.If you like, for example, to rest after dinner, the cat will be happy to get close and will gently purr. In time, this will become a kind of ritual for her.

Attachment to master

The world of cats and dogs is full of all sorts of secrets that surprise a person with its diversity. Sometimes people can only be amazed at the manifestations of love from animals. It is believed that dogs are more attached to humans than cats. In part, this opinion is true. The dog constantly strives to be close to the owner: if possible, he accompanies him everywhere, looks into the eyes, caresses. If necessary, the pet will always defend the creature dear to him. Attachment to the owner of many dogs is so strong that they sometimes refuse to eat, being separated from the person. Of course, people think little about the inner experiences of their tailed friends, but this does not detract from their importance.

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Cats behave more independently. They may not show their feelings so openly, but they also have a rather strong attachment to a person. They just love silently, being a little distance away.There are cases when the animal got into a new home and suffered greatly from longing for the previous owner.


Cats are smart enough. They understand the mood of the owners, they know when to approach and caress, and at what point it is better not to touch the person. With their purrs they are able to console us, really support us in difficult times, without demanding anything in return. Sometimes it seems that cats are able to feel the physical ailments of the owners. Numerous cases confirm that the energy of these animals has a beneficial effect on the general well-being of man. Sometimes it is enough to stroke your pet, take it in your hands, so that everyday adversities seem to be something completely irrelevant.

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Um dogs no one in doubt. These animals always intuitively feel what is happening with the owner. They are attuned to him with all their hearts and very keenly experienced a forced separation from him. The dog can also support the owner in a difficult moment. As a rule, she herself comes, lies down at her feet, with loyalty looks into her eyes. Tender pets, as a rule, are loved by everyone around. A lot of words of praise have been said about cats and dogs.Many people consider them as best friends who will never betray or deceive.


No one probably will not argue with the fact that pets have high intelligence. They have an excellent memory. So, cats can remember the act of the person who caused the harm. It is believed that these creatures are vindictive, although they are quite peaceful.

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The memory of dogs is also pretty good. Animals are able to assimilate numerous commands, to fulfill the requirements of the owner. If such classes are good, then the result will not take long.

Other facts

In school textbooks you can find informative information about cats and dogs (Grade 2). The textbook on the world tells us how wonderful these animals are. Some of their breeds, habits are described. Children in school are briefly told how to care for pets.

Every pet is truly unique. He has his own character, habits, has a bright personality. The more love we give to animals, the better we open our heart. It has been proven that people who have a cat or dog living at home always feel needed.They are less likely to get sick and more easily endure any suffering.

Instead of conclusion

It is impossible to say unequivocally who is smarter: a cat or a dog. These are different animals that react differently to certain events in life. In some cases, cats are superior to dogs, and in other cases, on the contrary, they are inferior. Usually, people intuitively feel who is closer to them in spirit. Cats and dogs are an addition to human life. It is these dedicated beings that make our life meaningful and fulfilling. Taking care of their pets, people form the best qualities of their character, learn to take responsibility for the happiness and well-being of a small creature.

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