Why do not the chickens rush?

The question of why chickens do not rush, askMany rural residents, who have hens on their farmsteads. Particularly relevant, you can even say the burning issue is for beginner poultry farmers who plan to earn money on selling chicken eggs. In fact, there are many reasons why chicken is badly carried or not carried at all. Consider the most common of them.

Age of layers

Chickens from six months toone and a half years. In the case of poultry (over 18 months old), the egg production significantly decreases, and nothing can be done about it - such is the law of nature. Therefore, in order for chickens in your household to keep on racing all the time, you need to regularly update their livestock - from old layers should be disposed of in time and replaced by them to acquire a young four-month chickens.

Wrong diet

Exhausted or, conversely, an obese chicken inprinciple can not carry as many eggs as it is supposed to by nature. In addition, the egg-laying of chickens can be affected by a sharp change in their diet. Provide the laying hens with adequate nutrition, regularly give them vegetables, chopped grass, mineral supplements (crushed egg shells, meat-and-bone flour and shells) in addition to grain or mixed fodder, and make sure that fresh water is always poured into the bird's sticks. The result will not take long, and the chickens will please you with an increase in egg production.

Insufficient lighting and cold

A short light-day and a cold in the hen-house -The most common reasons why chicken can not be carried in winter and early spring. To increase their egg production during this period, organize heating in the poultry house. In addition, take care and about additional lighting - include in the henhouse light for several hours in the morning and in the evening.


Another ode is the reason why the hens are badly riddenearly in the spring, is an avitaminosis caused by a forced decrease in the proportion of green fodder and vegetables in their daily diet. Particularly negatively affects the egg-laying of chickens, the lack of vitamins A and B12 in their bodies. Some antibacterial drugs used to treat chickens can provoke beriberi. To eliminate the deficiency of vitamin B12, feed the cottage cheese daily, the lack of vitamin A in the body of birds will help to fill vegetable mushrooms cooked from grated carrots, beets and pumpkins.


In some cases, chickens canthe cause of the disease, in no way connected with the conditions of their maintenance, diet or age. This disease is called the egg-laying decline syndrome, abbreviated as CSI. Treatment for this disease has not yet been developed.

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