Why do women cry?

They say that tears are a kind of language of the soul,but tears express either immense happiness, or an irresistible grief. Nevertheless, tears in the beautiful half of the society is much more than grief or happiness, this is an extraordinary cascade of emotions, backed by character, mood and other factors. Duck why women cry, what is the reason for the tears of these fragile creatures, but most importantly why women cry and men in the same situations do not. The thing is that women tears are one of the best methods of expressing themselves, and it does not matter what age and social status they have. In order to better understand the causes of these phenomena, we classify some of them:

Out of a sense of compassion

Undoubtedly, the ability to sympathize with the inherenta person, experiencing the same troubles that another person, delve into the grief of other people, is very characteristic of lovely ladies. Often you can see how a woman cries when watching a touching movie about animals or unhappy love. Sensitivity of this kind is associated with the psychology of many girls, because in the future they will become sensitive and attentive mothers, be able to regret and understand the child, so nature cleverly acted, giving them a sense of community and sympathy.

Remove stress and tension

Often we hear such phrases from women "I'm sotired "," I'm sick of it "and do not attach much importance to it, but at some point the cup of patience becomes crowded and the woman has no choice but to close in the room, collect a bunch of shawls and cry, reproaching the whole world. This all happens, not because all the girls are finished hysterical, just sometimes this way gives the opportunity to look at their problems the next day much easier

Get something that is not easy to get

Since the early childhood, many children are familiar with suchwords, like hysteria and nagging. In this way, from an early age we begged and begged beautiful toys. Fortunately, when we grow up and understand that some things are not so easy to get, and that everything is given by overwork. Women understand this perfectly, so the beautiful sex switches to intangible things. Sometimes, with tears, a girl can persuade a young man not to do something, because how to refuse such a delightful and sweet person when she sheds tears. In spite of this, one should not overuse the weakness of men to women's tears, because by leaning a stick it is possible to lose the trust of a loved one forever.

It just hurts.

Undoubtedly, the simplest answer is why cryinga woman is a pain. And this state can be both physical and moral. The physical pain we see and know perfectly how to prevent it, so the problem is not as terrible as it seems. Sincere or "heart" pain is almost impossible to suppress, a woman has nothing to do but tolerate it and sometimes allow herself to shed a few tears so that it becomes a little easier. Causing a woman's heartache, you doom it probably to the most bitter tears in the world, so always watch how you behave and what you say.

From happiness

And, finally, the most pleasant, those tears, whichare waiting for men, tears of happiness. It is always pleasant to see how strong a positive emotion a woman becomes when she cries for joy. Large life events, such as the birth of a child, a wedding, are brightly experienced by girls. Although you should not exclude the small pleasures that can also please any person.

Never forget that crying is the samenaturally, like breathing, drinking, eating. Having stumbled upon a wall of misunderstanding, to see the first steps of your child or simply to fall, stumbling, all this can cause in us the strongest emotion expressing feelings. The most important thing, perhaps, is to try to make our relatives and friends cry only for joy, not for sorrow.

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