Why dream beds?

In a dream, people can see different objects, places,including the very familiar ones. For example, beds. It would seem that to see beds in a dream is good. But what if you saw that the beds are withering or that snakes are creeping over them?

Let's look at what the beds are looking for.

Interpretation of the ABC of Dreams

The ABC of dreams treats beds in a dream for a womanas the need to do housework. You spend too much time on extraneous things. For a man beds in a dream are a symbol of extravagance.

If you notice that you do not have enough money all the time, think about it, maybe the problem is in you.

If in a dream a woman saw that in her bedsthe mole crawls, then there are problems waiting for her at work. If the snakes crawl along the beds, it means that everything does the right thing. For a man beds in a dream, which were burned by fire, symbolize loss and disappointment.

Plowed beds symbolize luck andprosperity. However, this dream can also portend problems at work. It is possible that you will soon have to work hard. Therefore, have patience.

Interpretation of Juno's Dream Book

Sonnnik Juno treats beds in a dream for a man and a woman as a necessity to do household chores. So this dream can symbolize the futility of your work.

If you saw that someone is walking through your beds in a dream, then you have acquaintances who let them inadvertently, but still are able to break your habitual way of life.

If in a dream you saw that in the beds there is nothingit means that you are acting in a wrong way. To achieve success, you need to reconsider your priorities and means. Just empty beds can symbolize your despair. However, there is no reason to lose heart, you just need to be patient and act further.

On the beds you can see various berries or vegetables.

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