Why do apples dream?

Yuri Belousikov
Yuri Belousikov
August 7, 2012
Why do apples dream?

In this article, you will learn what dreams of apples. Apple and apples most often seen in a dream are a very good sign. If you saw a lot of ripe apples in the tree - it may mean that the time has come to act, often this dream calls for action, the results of which are not long in coming. If you see some apples in the tree or one thing at all, think about it - perhaps you are in the grip of an illusion and your dreaminess has led you too far. In any case, you need to somehow think about and change your plans, set goals more modest.

If you see apples that have fallen to the ground, then you have a friend or friend who is lying to you or flattering. Find out who it is and be careful with it. If one apple in a tree means unrealistic goals, then rotten apples mean useless attempts, but rotten ones and wormy apples can mean failures, but this is also advice: you cannot act now by any means.

Why dream of red apples? Red apples, if they are in green grass or foliage, symbolize prosperity, good luck and success. This is an extremely favorable sign. Why dream of green apples? Most often green apples are a symbol of certain health problems. A person can get sick with something or has problems in the sexual sphere. Good, ripe apples, especially red ones, are a symbol of outstanding health, excellent appetite and sexual power. if you also pluck ripe apples from a tree - this means that in love, most likely, you will succeed and succeed.

In short, good and ripe apples are a favorable omen for a person who saw them in a dream, but wormy and rotten apples should make a person think about his environment and health. In practice, most often apples speak about the state of human health, and by their appearance one can determine what it is. And finally, some more good values. Delicious apples mean well-being, sweet ones mean fun, and ripe apples can sometimes talk about upcoming marriage.

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