Why groans newborn - tips for young parents

Parental fears

Finally, a long-awaited baby was born in the family. Mom is happy, dad in the "seventh heaven". And after birth, the baby begins to get acquainted with the environment and the world and with itself. He gradually learns everything himself. But here parents are waiting for different surprises. Almost all children suffer from intestinal colic, grunt loudly and grunt in their sleep, causing anxiety between fathers and mothers. And even a simple at first glance question - “why does a newborn groan,” confuses them and causes panic.

Why groans newbornWho will tell?

It is good when there is help in the face of grandmothers who can tell what to do and why the child grunts and makes strange sounds. If there is no such help, young parents start looking for information in books, asking friends and pediatricians.

The child grunts at night

Pediatricians explain this phenomenon quite simply - due to the fact that only a newly born baby has a very small nose and narrow nasal passages, it is very difficult for air to pass through them.Some time after birth, the baby may appear in the crust nose, due to which the newborn grunts. To make his breathing as easy as possible, use the following tips:

Newborn grunts1. Be sure to do in the children's wet cleaning at least two times a day.

2. Ensure that the air in the room where the baby is sleeping is not dry. To solve this problem is very simple - just buy a humidifier, put a large aquarium, or just arrange containers with cool water in the corners. Do not get carried away by excessive airing, so as not to catch a cold baby.

3. Do not forget about personal hygiene, keep the child's nozzle clean by cleaning it daily with a cotton swab. Despite the seeming simplicity of this procedure, you should familiarize yourself with the rules of care in advance.

4. Well, if you suddenly notice that the baby’s breathing is very difficult, consult with the children's doctor, who will recommend physiological solutions. If you answer in general the question "why the newborn grunt," then this is a completely natural process that accompanies the baby at a certain period of his life, and he should not be afraid.But still, if you notice the symptoms of any disease - immediately show the baby specialist.

The kid often groans

Quite often, babies emit such sounds because they experience discomfort. For example, because of intestinal colic that bother the child in the first months of life. This is due to the fact that the newborn does not yet have the enzymes necessary for the digestion of food, so after eating it causes colic, and the infant groans, cries and plays with her legs and arms. Even in children, after feeding, gases are formed in the intestines, which press against the walls and provoke discomfort. That is why the groan of a newborn. What to do in this situation?

Expert advice

Baby groans

  1. Before feeding, it is advisable to lay out the baby on the tummy for just a couple of minutes. You can do a relaxing massage, raise your knees to the stomach and lower it.
  2. After feeding, be sure to wear the baby upright for a while on your hands, supporting the head. In this position, the gases will quickly go away and the baby will calm down.
  3. If the baby drinks breast milk, mom should follow a special diet, avoiding eating foods that cause gas and constipation.For example, apples, grapes, melons, cherries, beans and sweets.
  4. For an artificial baby, you should simply choose a suitable formula based on the pediatrician’s advice. And do not forget about the correct nipple for the bottle: it is necessary that during the meal does not get air.

Another reason...

Another possible reason why a newborn grunt may be regular constipation. Dear Moms and Dads! Do not rush to stuff it with laxatives or put an enema. The body itself can cope with this problem. Well, in the case of frequent such situations with a chair, it is imperative to seek help from a pediatric doctor.

The board

Well, in conclusion, I want to give advice: if your newborn baby grunts, grunts, publishes incomprehensible sounds and at the same time is cheerful, eats well, gains the necessary kilograms - you have no reason to worry. After all, the most important thing is the calmness of the young mother, because the condition of the baby depends on her mood.

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Why groans newborn - tips for young parents 99

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