Why does the former write?

Yana Lisitsina
Yana Lisitsina
February 24, 2015
Why does the former write?

Sometimes it happens that even after breaking up a former boyfriend / girlfriend continues to write to you on social networks or even send SMS. How to evaluate such behavior?

Analyzing the situation

The reasons why the former boyfriend or girlfriend writes may be several.

The former has feelings for you, and he wants to renew the relationship

Some time after the break, a person may overestimate your relationship. Feeling what it is like to live without you, the beloved will understand that parting was a mistake. Accordingly, the easiest way to re-declare yourself will be various messages.

If you do not share his desires, then it is better to say this immediately, so as not to torment a person.

A partner wants to make friends with you

Often, two people who are completely dissatisfied with each other as lovers become great friends. They have a great time in the company of each other: go to the cinema and café, discuss the latest novelties of games and books, have picnics with mutual friends and so on.

Perhaps this kind of relationship will suit you, because after parting to maintain friendly relations more than modern. And so if the former writes, offering inoffensive friendly communication, then why not agree.

There is an understatement between you

Perhaps the reason why the ex-girlfriend writes (usually it is the ladies) is an attempt to clarify the issues that remained unresolved in your relationship. This may be an old unspoken resentment or some kind of incident that has become very important for your relationship, but about which you never really had time to talk.

Reconnecting, your ex-girlfriend may just be trying to "complete your gestalt." If you are good with this person, then it is logical to go forward and discuss the question that concerns him / her ex-boyfriend / girlfriend.

Partner feels guilty

If the separation happened at the initiative of one of the partners, then by sending you messages (for example, congratulations on holidays), the ex-lover is trying to soften the blow in this way, to make sure that everything is fine with you. And maybe even ask for forgiveness.

Perhaps it makes sense to give a person a say, because then it will be easier not only to the former, but also to you.

Playing with you

There are men and women who like to play love games with others. They are attracted by the very idea that they are dear to someone, loved by someone. Even without having the desire to meet with you, such a person will even try to keep in touch after parting, just to receive his portion of pleasure from your feelings towards him.

Such selfishness in this situation will be the only reason why the former or former writes. Hope for something will be just stupid. Therefore, it is better to break such a connection once and for all, starting life from scratch with another person.

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