Why violets do not bloom: the main reasons

Women love growing flowers at home. On many windows you can see violets, they probably occupy a leading place in the home floriculture. This flower appeared in East Africa around the 19th century. With indoor growing has a small size and long flowering - almost all year round. The leaves are usually oval-shaped, although some varieties have long foliage. Their surface is smooth, or there are small notches. They start their growth from the basal rosette, the color - various shades of green. Flowers are small, up to 4 cm in diameter, of simple or terry type. Color - from white to purple, red, blue.

why do not bloom violets


But some housewives claim that they do not bloom violets and this greatly upsets them. They begin to give up on this kind of plant or to doubt themselves. In fact, there are several reasons why violets do not bloom.

violets do not bloom


The plant will bloom only when it becomes an adult, that is, it will fully develop the aboveground part and the root system.The soil in the tank must meet certain requirements. It is loose, preferably with a neutral structure. It should include micro and macro elements necessary for growth and development. But over time, the earth loses its nutritional quality, and then transplant plants into a new soil. This is done every two years.


Lighting plays a significant role in the development of colors and can also help answer the question: “Why do violets not bloom?” Ideally, a daylight hours should be twelve hours. If the plant does not have enough light, you can use artificial lighting. Bulbs placed at a short distance from the pot (on the meter shelf you need four light bulbs). But there is a nuance here: the bulbs begin to lose their intensity in a year, and they will have to be replaced. The choice of lamps for lighting can improve the situation. Phytolamps accelerate the budding process. That is why non-observance of the light regime is another answer to the question: “Why do not violets bloom?” These plants are responsive to stability and consistency.

Moisture and its amount

Flowers suffer from both excess water and its deficiency.Increase watering during growth and tying the buds. Water should be soft, just above room temperature.

Air humidity

In apartments, it is usually much smaller than what is required by the plant. Therefore, you can resort to different humidifiers, use trays with water under the container with flowers. Hot batteries can be covered with wet towels. Another reason why violets do not bloom may be a lack of vitamins in the soil.all about violets


To stimulate flowering, you need a complex fertilizer, which includes phosphorus. It is desirable that the mixture also contains potassium. And the most recent reason for the lack of buds is the size of the container under the flower. For the development of the aerial parts of the root system must be kept "in cramped circumstances." Here, in principle, and all about violets, or rather, about the problems associated with their flowering.

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