Windows taskbar: how to remove, return, configure or change?

The taskbar is an element of the OS interface through which you get quick access to various files and programs. By default, this panel is located at the bottom of the screen.

task bar

Conventionally, the PP can be divided into several separate areas. The left side is fixed applications that you most often use. Here you can add any program at your discretion. To do this, click on the desired label and, holding the LMB, drag it to the PP. Another option is to open the program. It will be displayed on the panel. Right-click on it and select "Pin on the taskbar" in the context menu.

pin on the taskbar

In the middle part are open applications and files. On the right is the notification area. Here you can set the time and date, adjust the sound, select the language in which you want to print something.

Next, you will learn how to customize the taskbar, move it, change the appearance and other useful things.

PZ in the Win XP operating system

In Windows XP, the Start button is located on the left panel.By clicking on it, you will see all the programs installed on your computer, and you can open any section, such as "Games", "Music", "Printers".

windows taskbar

Nearby is a quick launch bar. Here are the applications that you use regularly. To see the full list, click on the quotes icon. You already know how to fix this or that program on the Taskbar, so you can, at your discretion, customize this PZ area.

Next are the windows of open applications, and then the system tray (notification area). For convenience, icons are grouped here, but if you need to see all the elements, then click on the corresponding icon.

If you want to customize the PP, then click on it with RMB (in the free space) and select properties. Now you can perform some manipulations with this element of the interface.

Taskbar in Windows 7

In the seventh version of Windows PZ is somewhat different. For example, here you will not see the quick launch panel with the option of a drop-down menu (the quotation mark icon). On the "Start" button the logo of the corporation "Windows" appeared. If you go to "Properties", then you will notice that new features have been added.You can change the location of the PZ. Separately, it should be said about Aero Peek, but more on that later.

Windows 7 taskbar

The rest of the Windows 7 taskbar is similar to XP. It can also be divided into separate parts. PZ programs are added in the same way, they can be grouped.

To minimize all windows, use the Win + D key combination or click on the small rectangle on the right. By the way, in Win XP there is a similar option - “Minimize all windows”.

As you can see, there are no significant differences between Windows 7 and XP. Therefore, the following discussion focuses on the various settings of the PZ on the example of the "seven".

How to customize the taskbar?

In order to perform manipulations with the PZ, you must go to the "Properties". Here you will see the following options:

  • Fasten the panel.If you set the checkbox, the PZ will not move around the screen. Also, you cannot resize it.
  • Automatically hide.If you check this box, the taskbar will disappear. To make it appear, you will need to bring the cursor to the bottom of the screen (by default). If the PZ is installed, for example, from above, then the mouse pointer must be moved there.
  • Use small icons.An option to change the size of program icons on the taskbar.

how to customize the taskbar

Here you can configure the notification area. To do this, click on the appropriate button. If desired, you can change the location of the PZ and activate Aero Peek.

What is Aero Peek?

"Aero Peak" is an option that appeared in Windows 7 OS. If you need to look at something on the desktop, but you do not want to minimize all the windows, move the cursor to the rectangle on the right side of the taskbar. Open windows will disappear for a while. If this function is not marked in the PZ settings, then in order to minimize all windows, you will need to click on the rectangle.

task bar aero peak

Some users say that Aero Peak is an absolutely useless option, as it is not difficult to simply minimize the windows, and when needed, re-open them. Perhaps it is so, but it is important to understand that before launching a new version of the OS, the developers conduct surveys, give people the opportunity to test it, make their recommendations and suggestions. From this it follows that the function Aero Peek is still needed by someone.

How to hide the taskbar?

If you are hampered by the PZ or you just do not want it to be constantly displayed, then it can be easily removed. To do this, use one of the methods described below.

Right-click on the taskbar and select the "Properties" option. Here set the checkbox near the option "Automatically hide the PP". Click "Apply". Now the panel will appear only when you hover the cursor to the place where it should be located.

how to remove the taskbar

By the way, there are situations when the Taskbar appeared, and does not hide back. In this case, call the Task Manager and disable the explorer.exe process.

The second method is the free TaskBar Hider application. The program does not require installation. You can find it on the Internet. With the TaskBar open, select the hotkeys with which the PZ will disappear and appear.

Now you know how to remove the Taskbar in two ways, and which of them to use is up to you.

How to change the PZ?

You can change the panel in the "Properties". Here you will have the opportunity to install it in any place, pin, hide, etc. The icons on the Taskbar can be made larger. By the way, they also move along the PZ.

If necessary, you can group icons. For example, you have opened several Word documents. So that they do not clutter up the Taskbar, check the checkbox next to the corresponding option.

how to change the taskbar

As a result, you will only have one Word icon on the PP, but if you move the cursor to it, all open documents will appear.

Some users do not know how to change the taskbar, namely its color. This can be done through the "Personalization". Right-click on the desktop and select this section in the context menu. Now you need to go to the subsection "Window Color". Mark the desired color and click "Save".

how to change the color of the taskbar

If you need to change only the color of the PZ, then use any third-party program, for example, Taskbar Color Effects.

Missing taskbar ... What to do?

Sometimes the PZ may disappear from the screen. As a rule, inexperienced users do not know what actions to take in order to return it. In fact, restoring the taskbar is quite simple.

First, look, perhaps another person was sitting at the computer and activated the function “Automatically hide the panel”, but you were not warned about it. Or the child unconsciously did it. In this case, uncheck the checkbox located near this option.

Secondly, the situation can be remedied in a different way, if the former did not help. Open the “Task Manager” using the “Ctrl”, “Delete” and “Alt” buttons (simultaneous pressing). Go to the "Applications" tab and click on "New task".A window opens where you need to enter "explorer.exe". Press "Enter".

how to return the taskbar

So, now you know how to return the Taskbar, so you can solve the problem yourself.

Move PZ around the screen

By default, the PP is located at the bottom of the screen, but some users do not like this arrangement, so they install it from above or from the side. If you also want to change the appearance of the interface, you can do this as follows:

  1. Right-click on the taskbar and open "Properties".
  2. In the drop-down menu, select the location of the PP.
  3. Click "Apply".

how to move the taskbar

There is another way. Check that the panel is not fixed. If necessary, remove the checkbox near this function. Now click the LMB on the PZ and, holding the mouse button, drag it to any place, for example, upward. After that, it is recommended to fix the taskbar.

how to change the size of the taskbar

Note: when the PZ is unfastened, you can increase its size. Move the cursor to the top edge of the panel. An arrow will appear. Hold LMB and adjust the panel size to your liking.

Some tips

In addition to all the above, it is recommended to follow some tips:

  • If you are using a monitor with touch controls, it will be more convenient to position the taskbar at the top of the screen.
  • Do you work at a computer a lot? Then you should not make the PZ too bright, as the eyes will get tired faster.
  • Do not download various “decorations” for the panel from resources that have a bad reputation, since you risk “catching” a virus.

place taskbar on top

Follow these simple guidelines to ensure a comfortable stay at your computer.


So now you have an idea of ​​how to change the taskbar and customize it to suit your requirements. Regardless of which OS you have installed, you can do all the manipulations with the PZ yourself, since the sequence of actions is similar everywhere.

taskbar icons

Of course, there are some differences that are associated with the lack of some functions in older versions of Windows. However, this will not prevent you from solving a particular problem if necessary, because you will often need to perform standard actions.

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