Do you like insects?

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Answered on December 4, 2014 18:51
What can I say - not very. I remember as a child a healthy spider settled on my balcony. When I opened the window and saw it, my pants got wet. Besides the jokes, he was very big. I still have not seen such people in our country, although I have been in different regions. I was also always frightened by caterpillars. But then I loved butterflies, although who does not love them? Trudge from Machaon to this day. I once even wanted to collect a collection, but then I realized that such a miracle should be observed, and not kept in a bank. Still like fireflies)
Answered on December 4, 2014 19:09
An abomination, I hate all insects! I don't even like butterflies, they have nasty hairy little bodies and wings some kind of fuu. all kinds of worms, spiders, bugs. Mosquitoes, brrrrr Ants are also nasty and cockroaches in general, I feel sick when I see them. The only thing - a bumblebee.

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